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  • Contact your doctor. They will be able to determine if it could help you, and be able to inform you of the drawbacks including any potential side effects, and then write you a prescription if it is needed.
  • At any drug store. But you need a prescription, so you need to see a doctor first.
  • In my opinion, everyone wants something for nothing. The world just doesn't work that way. There is only 1 manufacture of the TRUE Viagra, and that is Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. When Pfizer first released the popular love drug to the market, they were selling it at over $10 per pill. This is still true today. I don't understand how people can be fooled by all the fake types of Viagra out there. There are 2 major types of FAKE Viagra being sold on the market today. Generic Viagra and Herbal Viagra... Neither of these have the efficacy of the real Viagra, and many of them are downright dangerous. People are making millions off selling these fake Viagra medications as the real thing. If you see Viagra at $1.50 or $2.00 a pill, YOU KNOW IT CAN'T BE THE REAL DRUG. A big hint is that Drugstore and CVS/Pharmacy are selling the true Viagra at over $16 per/pill. So how in the world can these no name tiny online Pharmacies sell the true Viagra for so much less. Both Drugstor and CVS/Pharmacy will ask for your prescription information as well as your doctors contact info.
  • In my opinion, though I agree with most of the above answert (Viagra does cost around $16 per pill, and there are not, currently, any TRUE generic alternatives to it), I have to take issue with something. Once Pfizer's patent expires, and generic versions of Viagra become available, the generic versions WILL, in fact, be much cheaper than the "real" thing, and at the same time be just as effective. And the companies making the generic versions will be able to do so much more cheaply because Pfizer DID ALL THE WORK that went into creating the medicine. The generic makers will have no expenses other than simple production. No research and development, no testing, no regulatory. And most importantly, the generic makers will not have to apply the cost of 10,000 OTHER drugs that never made it to the general public to the price of their generic Viagra. Pfizer's patents will begin expiring as early as this year in some countries, and will be expired in all countries by 2013. So expect to see REAL generic alternatives to Viagra soon.
  • It is always good to buy original Viagra because it does not give late side effect like other fake one and requires prescription which shows the genuine need of Viagra drugs rather than abusing it. It is wrong that generic version doesn't work like real one. Generic does the same work like brand one but its safety is yet to be proven and it has high chance of showing late side effect. If someone is selling real Viagra, then he should ask for prescription and doctor's info.
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What is Viagra in Hindi?


Is Viagra an amphetamine?

No, Viagra is not amphetamine.

What is Viagra in norwegian?

Viagra (Not kidding)

What does Viagra do for small penises?

Viagra makes penises erect, but Viagra has side effects.

Can you take Viagra with micardis?

micardis and viagra

What prise of Viagra?

it is to you as viagra is to a blue MnM

Is there a difference between the chemical formula of Viagra for men and Viagra for women?

There is no such thing as Viagra for women.

I am 37 he's 60 I love him but how can I teach him to improve stamina sexually?

Viagra Viagra Viagra

Can a girl consume Viagra?

Let Viagra to men only. Girls taking Viagra. LOL.

What does Viagra contain?

The active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil citrate. "Viagra" is the trade name used by Pfizer.

How to make home made viagra?

Viagra can not be made at home. Viagra must be prescribed by a medical doctor.

How do you get Viagra?

Viagra is only available on Prescription from your Doctor

Can women use mens Viagra?

there is women Viagra

Can you take Viagra with azithromycin?

Can you take azithromycin and Viagra

Is Viagra an opiate?

No. Viagra contains no opiate compounds.

Does bayer make Viagra?

Pfizer are makes of Viagra

Can you buy Viagra in turkey?

Can I buy Viagra in turkey

Is generic Viagra safe to take?

There is no generic Viagra

Do you take Viagra with water?

i never use Viagra

Can you get a girl pregnant on Viagra?

No, there are no sperm cells in viagra.

Can you take Viagra after bear?

can i take viagra after bear...??

Can you use Viagra if you have herpes?

You can use Viagra if you have herpes.

When do you take Viagra?

Viagra may be prescribed by your doctor for erectile dysfunction. You then take Viagra a few minutes before having sex. Do not take Viagra if it has not been prescribed for you.

Difference between pro Viagra and Viagra?

Never heard of Pro Viagra as such. If you mean to say generic Viagra,then 1] Both generic and brand Viagra gives same effect, both differ in price. Generic Viagra is cheap while brand is costly. 2] You require prescription for brand Viagra while generic doesn't require prescription. 3] Generic Viagra has more chance of showing side effect, while brand has less because you acquire Viagra prescription once doctor recommend you based on your health for brand Viagra.

Is Viagra good?

using Viagra in regural base is not good.

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