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Where can you get Victoria Bitter Australian Beer in Toronto?

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2010-09-27 12:25:32

Sorry mate, don't have an answer to this question, but would be

interested to know if you found anyway. Please let me know -

The LCBO will be carrying VB in 6 pack cans and bottles. Both

packages will be 375ml, instead of the typical import size of 330ml

such as Heineken and Stella. They will also have 500ml cans

available. Alberta will also be carrying both the bottles and the

can at some of the independent and chain stores, but I have not

heard if they will be carrying the 500ml can. This should be

happening some time in early 2010.

Now available at The Beer Store too - $1.50 off on 6 packs until

the middle of October. The LCBO has 500 ml cans

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