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Contact SIG.

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Q: Where can you get a 280 caliber barrel for a Sigarms SHR970?
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Does Browning offer an A-Bolt center fire rifle with a walnut stock and blued action and barrel in a 280 caliber?

No. I visited the Browning Web site and found that the only caliber they had close to the 280 was the 270. Of the moderate priced rifles a 280 can be obtained from Remington, Thompson Center and you might be able to find one in a Winchester Mod 70 Lightweight.

Is a 280 caliber pistol the same as a 28 caliber?

.28 and .280 are the same diameter bullet. I know of no pistols in .280, with the possible exception of some of the single shot pistols that fire rifle cartridges. I know of no cartridge called the .28.

Winchester model 280 semi-automatic 22 caliber?

looking for info on Winchester model 280 in a 22 caliber simi-automatic. when made and value of the gun now. Thanks

What is a weatherby vangard 280 used worth?

Standard Vanguard is about $400. My references do not show they were made in .280 caliber.

What caliber barrel fits Savage 110?

Without changing the bolt, the 110 can be fitted with barrels in 7mm-08, 35 Whelen, 30-06, 270, 26-06, .308, 243, and .280.

Can you shoot a 280 caliber bullet out of a 270 caliber rifle?

Generally speaking, no. You can only fire the caliber for which the gun is chambered. There are some exceptions, but not many.

Is there a 280 caliber gun?

Yes- a very good deer rifle.

What company manufactures a rifle in the 280 rem caliber?

Many do, but, not all the time. You will have to call to find out.

How old is a Stevens 410 double barrel shotgun H36 280?

20 Years

Does tika make a bolt action rifle in 280 caliber?

Tika is a subsidiary of Sako, Berreta, company.

What is fair price on a-bolt used in 280 caliber deer rifle?

50-500 USD depending on specifics

How much does a sig sauer shr 970 caliber-ed as a 280 cost?

100-1000 USD depending on specifics