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Where can you get a 3.8 intake manifold bolt diagram?


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2009-12-18 04:33:31
2009-12-18 04:33:31

What is the 3.8 off of? My 3.8 in my town & country has 4 bolts spaced evenly in the back and in the front. Very easy to take off or put on...


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Yes, a 351 windsor intake will fit a 302 engine as long as it is a 1976 or above. Although you will have to change the bolts, but yes it will work. 38 year certified mechanic

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It is mounted to the lower intake manifold just below the thermostat housing. It has a connector with two wired connected to it.

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It's a thread in style IAT sensor , so it has to be threaded into the upper intake manifold somewhere

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theres no way you can change the head gaskets without taking off the intake manifold, its not hard to do. plus if your going to change the head gaskets it would only be smart to change the intake gaskets also.Answerand if your talking about the exhaust manifold, you did'NT specify, I'm sure you can but it will be no fun at all, plus u should change exhaust gaskets if your going to do all that work anyways so you don't have to worry about them down the road.

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Here is a wiring color and location diagram

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