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What is the 3.8 off of? My 3.8 in my town & country has 4 bolts spaced evenly in the back and in the front. Very easy to take off or put on...

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โˆ™ 2009-12-18 04:33:31
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Q: Where can you get a 3.8 intake manifold bolt diagram?
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Yes, a 351 windsor intake will fit a 302 engine as long as it is a 1976 or above. Although you will have to change the bolts, but yes it will work. 38 year certified mechanic

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Take off the engine cover (unscrew the oil fill tube). It is located in a molded in capsule located in/on top of the intake manifold near the altnernator end of the manifold. It has an electrical connector and a twist off cap. Dealer has a kit for it with spring, gasket , and valve for about $15.

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