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Where can you get a Windows XP compatible driver for Pinnacle Miro DC10?

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A Google search produces some links to the Pinnacle sys website and some for a Linux driver. The Pinnacle sys site shows only win 9x drivers and a link to a Linux 3rd party driver. It also calls this a legacy product. If that driver doesn't work, the outlook is grim.

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Where can you get a driver for Pinnacle Miro DC10?

A driver can be downloaded at the link below. Note that it is for Windows 95/98, so it may not work on newer versions of Windows.

What does the dc stand for in DC10?

Douglas commercial

How many passengers can the DC10 carry?

240-380 depending on the model, dc10's came in 2 different models with 2 subclasses for each model............hope this helps

What is considered the grandfather of modern passenger planes?


How many miles per gallon does a dc10 aircraft get?

City or highway mileage?

How many engines are there on a Douglas DC10?

3. One under each wing and one on the tail.

Where are the engines of a Douglas DC10 located?

One engine at each wing and another one in the tail..........

Where did the mt erebus plane crash?

ahhh, it was a Dc10 plane, not a mt erebus plane, and the plane crashed into Mt Erebus in antarctica...


The DC10-30 which is the most common version cruises about 570 mph or Mach 0.82

What do the slats do on an airplane?

The slats stabilize the plane (Mc Doneld Douglas DC10 for example) for take off. There has been two crashes in the instance when the pilots forgot to extend their flaps and slats.

Which is bigger Boeing 747 or DC 10?

A Boeing 747 is considerably bigger than a DC 10 (as well as th aircraft that replaced it the MD 11). The Boeing 747-200 had a Max Take-off Gross Weight of 780,000 lbs. Later models increased to 800,000 lbs or more. The DC10-10 has a MTOGW of 455,000 lbs. The DC10-30 has a MTOGW of 530,000 lbs. The MD11 Freighter has a MTOGW of 630,500 lbs. Custermen

Why airplane windows are so small?

Becayse some people get squeamish of the height.NO! Look up the sad history of the BOAC Comet, back in the 1950's. The large windows -- plus construction flaws -- caused three mysterious crashes, before the plane was finally grounded for good.I have no authority or insight into this subject except for a recent newspaper article I read. That said, the article, which appeared in the Seattle Times (which has a good searchable data base), explained that the the new 787 Dreamliner will have significantly larger windows than current passenger liners. This is because the carbon fiber fueselage of the Dreamliner is so much stronger than the more commonly used aluminum, which apparently requires that the windows remain small in order to maintain the structural integrety of the aircraft.AnswerActually the reason for the Comet crashes was that the windows were square. The corner of the window induced a high stress concentration that resulted in fatigue cracks. It really had nothing to do with size.The largest window that I have seen on an aircraft that I have flown on is the DC10 cockpit window. The DC10 has a front windscreen and aft of this are the primary window for the flight crew that opens. The one that I refer to is behind this and is the most aft window in the cockpit. The window is large enough that it extends from the elbow of the rear jumpseater to the top of his head.I'm not sure why they are so small either. Or--- Why are the so low? Tall passengers have to bend down to look straight out.

How much fuel does a DC10 airplane use per mile going 600mph?

The DC-10 will burn approximately 15000 pounds of fuel per hour at cruise, which is equal to 2143 gallons. Divide by 600 miles = 3.57 gallons per mile.

How many exits are designated as primary ground escape routes from the aircraft?

The answer depends on which aircraft. Boeing 727 has the front Cabin Doors, L1 & R1, two over-the-wing exits and the rear door. Secondary exits are the crew cockpit windows but this is expected to be used by only the crew. Douglas DC10, MD10, MD11 have the front Cabin Doors and two in the rear, plus the over-the-wing exits. And it also has cockpit window escapes that use inertia reels to slow the descent to the ground.

What is worth of Russell arms co twist belgium db 12 g shotgun 18.3 number inside 4602 dc10 double hammers and triggers gun made prior to 1900?

In general not much. I just watched a Russle sell for $160 at auction.

How many aircraft does FedEx have?

The current FedEx fleet in operational service include: FLEET . . . . . . QTYMD11 . . . . . . 57A300 . . . . . . . 64A300 . . . . . . . 66B-727 . . . . . . . 86MD10-10 . . . . . 58MD10-30 . . . . . 8D10-10 . . . . . . 2D10-30 . . . . . . 10TOTAL . . . . . . 351 The DC10-10 and DC10-30 will go through upgrade to be converted to an MD10-10 & MD10-30 with glass cockpit. FedEx has purchased some Boeing 757 and have Boeing 777 on order but they have not been converted to freighter. The first Boeing 757 will enter operational service in June 2008. The Cessna and Twin Otters are operated by the feeder operations.

What is a name of a plane?

Here some,matbe a lot: B707,B727,B737-100,B737-200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900,B747-100,200,300,400,500,8,8i,b747-SP,B757,B767-200,200ER,300,300ER,B777-200,200ER,300,300ER,B787,A300,A310,A320,A321,A330,A340,A340-600,A350,A380,AN124,AN225,SR-71A,F/A-18 Hornet,C172,C152,DC3,DC4,DC6,DC8,DC10,MD11,Beluga,Harrier.

What plane parts can be used for something else?

probably all of them. (im talking about just taking it apart and using the pieces). this is probably not helpfull, but heck!You can take a wheel rim and place a clear plexiglass over it for a cool coffee table.I have a large Aluminum spacer from inside a DC10 Main Landing Gear that I use as a trash can. It is cool as it has round holes in it. I bought a cheap plastic sliver trash can that fits exactly inside it. The Spacer is 12-inch diameter and about 14 inches tall. Cheap and easy to make.

What actors and actresses appeared in Just Deserts - 1992?

The cast of Just Deserts - 1992 includes: Daryl Anderson as Derek Michael Cavanaugh as Campbell Cunningham Greg Evigan as Ted Thorn Morgan Fairchild as Catherine Harcourt Joel Grey as Michael Price Jane Leeves as Amy Phillips Tim Reid as Scott Waring Jeri Ryan as Nicole Al Sapienza as DC10 Pilot Joan Severance as Libby Sinclair Rick Springfield as Simon Harcourt Ken Swofford as Alan

What are the average dimensions of nose wheel landing gear of an aircraft?

Unsure if you are asking for Nose Wheel (tire) dimension or the height of the Nose Landing Gear?Nose WheelBoeing 747-200 49X17 Tire 30/32 ply rating Boeing 767 H32 X 14-15 20/22 ply ratingDouglas DC-9-50 26.6 X 6.6CH 10 ply ratingDouglas DC10-30 40 X 15.5-16 26/28 ply ratingReference: "Aircraft Landing Gear Design: Principles and Practices" by N. S. Currey, Pub by AIAA.Nose Landing GearDC10 Nose Landing Gear is mounted in the aircraft at a slight angle forward. If the gear was taken out of the a/c and laid down with the wheels removed, the full length of the gear from center of Trunnion mount to center-line of Axle is as follows: Fully Compressed 80.17 inchesStatic Position 82.17 inches (weight on gear)Fully Extended 97.17 inchesLength of Strut Stroke 17.00 inchesReference: Boeing Drawing NCG6003

Where was the worst air disaster involving a New Zealand plane?

New Zealands worst Air disaster was when an Air New Zealand DC10 crashed on Mt Erebus in Antarctica while on a sightseeing flight on Nov 29 1979. 257 people died. There were no survivors making it not only the worst air disaster in New Zealand but New Zealand 's worst ever disaster in terms of loss of life. Exceeding the Napier earthquake in which 256 people died by one death. New Zealand is a small country so most people knew someone who died on the flight.

How are airplanes weighed?

Original Q: What are airplanes weighed in? Airplanes are weighed using scales that are placed under the wheels. Airplanes are NOT weighed before each flight. Instead, they are weighed at manufacture and during any modification or heavy maintenance. This becomes the aircraft's Empty Weight. Then the pilot calculates the Take-off Weight by adding the weight of the passengers and cargo and the known quantity of fuel, etc. Example: I was flying on a special ferry flight on an empty DC10 airliner and the pilot checked his calculations and said that we were 375 lbs over what was expected. With only 5 people onboard, he knew that the "crew" weight could not be off by that much. Then he remembered that this special flight required a fly-away parts kit to be carried which accounted for the extra weight.

Why would the landing gear on a jet airliner come out during ascent 10 minutes after takeoff?

When you refer to "come out", I assume you mean the gear came out of the wheel well. The correct term is Extend.Most landing gears have an Actuator that extends and retracts it into the DOWN and UP (or Retracted) positions. Once it is in that position, the drag brace and lock links will usually hold it in place. Some a/c such as DC10 Main L/G, the gear rests on the door and the door is held closed by a lock.I am familiar with failures of the retract Actuator on a DC10 Main L/G, that causes the gear to fall out of the wheel well just before it locks. This would have to happen before the gear locks in the UP position.For it to fail 10 minutes after retraction, that means there was a failure of the door latch to remain locked. Again, for the DC10 Main L/G, the door latch is operated by a hydraulic latching mechanism. This would probably mean that the door latch and roller was not rigged properly OR the door itself was out of rig.The Boeing 727 Nose L/G has the locking mechanism in the drag brace. The drag brace locks in both the UP and DOWN position. The locking mechanism is a set of pawls that lock the "knee" of the brace where it bends. If the locking pawls are worn, I believe it will not lock and it might release. Also, water will get into the joint and freeze the grease, preventing the operation of the mechanism.Also, there is a possibility that the gear did not actually extend; only the GEAR UNSAFE light came on because of a failure of the sensor. This would be a false alarm but the crew would have taken action to correct.Also an aircraft will burn more fuel with the gear extended. So it is most likely that the a/c will not have enough fuel to reach its destination. Thus the aircraft will return to the airport or divert to another airport.It is not good to have the gear suddenly fall out of the wheel well. There are speed limitation for retraction and extension of the gear. Many a/c is allowed to fly faster with the gear down than during the retraction/extension phase of flight. If the a/c is flying at cruise speed, severe structural damage could result.AnswerBest guess mentioned above would be either an unsafe gear light or a gear door open warning light. Both would normally call for recycling the gear. Another possibility not mentioned above would be overheated brakes that would call for extending the gear for a short period of time to cool the brakes. This procedure would probably have happened sooner than 10 minutes after takeoff. Conclusion: The scenerio that I think happened was that the pilot commanded the gear to be retracted on take-off. The gear indication was UNSAFE, meaning the light in the cockpit said it was not fully retracted. The crew completed their takeoff and checked their systems and then announced to the Passengers that the gear was unsafe. They then extended the gear(either before or after the announcement) and returned to the airport.

How many days does british airways fly from Ghana to London?

British Airways offer daily "Direct" service between the capital of Ghana - Accra and London's premier International airport - Heathrow. The term "direct" has historically been used by the airline industry to somewhat massage the truth with passengers and should be noticed by anyone booking such flights. When an airline timetable or reservation displays "Direct" air service between two destinations, this does not necessarily mean NON-Stop. "Direct" means you may fly from one point to another, without having to change aircraft, or disembark from the aircraft, wherever it makes stops enroute. British Airways (BA) flight 078 typically departs Accra (ACC) at 22:40 and is scheduled to arrive at London Heathrow (LHR) at 05:25 However, there have been times when this flight operated ACC/LOS/LHR. Still a 'direct' flight, but made an intermediary stop in LOS (Lagos, Nigeria), then continued on to Heathrow. The flights presumably no longer operate in this fashion. However, historically, it has been known to happen. The flight between Lagos and London was originally part of the old British Caledonian family. The flight operated Lagos to London Gatwick (LGW), then on to Houston (IAH), with DC10-32 equipment. When the two carriers merged, British Airways were, for a period, challenged to find where the flight fit in to their new route structure. Other than the short-haul Dan Air routes, and a few other low-yield BCAL routes that fed from Gatwick to places such as Atlanta and Houston.

Different kinds of landing gear?

There are many different kinds of landing gear that can be categorized by their geometry and their internal design. There are fixed landing gears that do not retract. These are usually a support that is made of spring steel that has a axle for a wheel. This example is found on small Cessna aircraft. Other fixed landing gear that are attached at a pin joint and have a shock strut to absorb landing loads. Helicopters are good examples as many have a fixed landing gear. The simplest landing gear shock strut is designed to stroke and absorb energy and it has an axle for either 1 or 2 wheels. These usually rotate on a trunnion at the top of the gear to allow retraction by pivoting of the entire gear. A drag brace locks it down into position. Larger gear have a bogie beam or pivot beam that have multiple wheels, either 4 or 6. The bogie beam attaches to the shock strut and is allowed to pivot during landing and taxi. It will have an actuator or locking mechanism to hold the bogie beam in proper position to allow it to retract in to the wheel well. Internal Design The simplest design is the lower half of the strut(called the Piston) is designed to stroke into the upper half (Outer Cylinder). As it does, the piston forces the fluid through an narrow opening (orifice) that restricts the movement and allows the gear to absorb energy. Many Nose landing gears are of this simple design. Other gear designs will allow the Piston to stroke to a point where it contacts a 2nd Stage. This 2nd stage will have higher pressure or an enclosed volume of air that acts as a final cushion to stop the gear. Some gears have a 2nd Chamber at the top of the gear that has its own piston and orifice. As the Piston strokes, the internal pressures build up and push against the 2nd Stage and it begins to stroke and also resist the forces. This example is found in the DC10 or MD11 Main landing gear.