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A car charger for Nokia Phones can be found online at CellPhoneShop, MobileCityOnline and at Amazon. Walmart also offers car chargers for various types of Nokia phones.

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You lost your nokia N73 charger can you charge it using your computer?

Unfortunatley not :( Nokia never incorparated this feature in their phones!

Can you use the same charger for two different Nokia phones?

yes, but you would have to buy a curtain charger instead of a regular one.

What does ac-dc travel charger model CT-886004A go to?

This is the charger for some Nokia cell phones.

When choosing a car charger, should the brand of the charger match the brand of the cell phone?

A car charger does not have to match the brand of the cell phone. There are many car chargers that are compatible with many cell phones.

Nokia 6300 charger not supported?

Type your answer here... nokia 6300 charger not sported sir

What are some common accessories that come with Nokia mobile phones?

There are a number of accessories that come with Nokia mobile phones. Every mobile phone comes with a plug-in charger in order to charge the battery, and most come with headphones or Bluetooth headsets.

Does the Nextel Motorola OEM Auto Car Cell Phone Charger work only on Motorola phones?

Along with Nextel Motorola phones, this charger is also compatible with Boost Mobile i875 phones.

Are the car charger kits for verizon phones?

Yes there are car chargers for verizon phones. I am not sure what you mean when you say kits so I am assuming you just mean do they offer car chargers for verizon phones.

What are the cheapest cellular phones by Nokia?

Some of the cheapest cell phones by Nokia include the Nokia 3595, the Nokia 6010, The Nokia 6030, and the Nokia 6010. You can find a variety of Nokia phones for well below market price on the eBay website.

Which country developed Nokia mobile phones?

Nokia Phones were made in Finland

What are the best selling Nokia phones?

As of late, one of the best selling Nokia phones has been the Nokia Lumia.

What are the latest Nokia phones?

The newest and best phones from Nokia are from 2010-2011. They are the Nokia 5800, Nokia E72, Nokia N96, Nokia 86, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia N6, Nokia C6, Nokia N900, Nokia N97, and the Nokia N8. These are listed from "worst to best" (none are bad) and vary from keyboard to touch screen phones.

Where can one purchase the newest Nokia phones?

You can purchase the new Nokia phones directly from the official Nokia website. The site features many of the Nokia phones that are currently on the market, including their newest products.

Where can one go to find out about the different styles of Nokia Phones ?

One can go to many places to find out about the different styles of Nokia Phones. One can go to a phone store where they have all Nokia Phones. One can also go on Nokia site to find everything about Nokia phones.

What retailers offer new Nokia phones?

Many retailers offer Nokia phones. Nokia phones are available from retailers such as AT&T, Staples, Best Buy, QVC, T-Mobile, eBay, and from Nokia itself.

Where can one find Nokia phones for sale?

Nokia phones can be found at any Nokia kiosk and at network providers (they will be promoted with a plan or deal). Amazon and eBay also sell Nokia phones for cheap prices. The Nokia website is also a good option.

Are Nokia lumias good phones?

Undoubtedly, all models of Nokia Lumia phone are good phones.

What operating system used in Nokia moblie phones?

Most of the nokia mobile phones uses SYMBIAN OS . For example N-series and E-series. Nokia have their own operating system also which is also used in some nokia phones (cheaper models).but most of the nokia phones uses SYMBIAN OS.

Where can one get money for old Nokia phones?

One can sell old Nokia phones on eBay and Amazon. One can also sell old Nokia phones on Sell Broken Phones, uSell, and Simply Sellular. One can also recycle old phones.

Where can one purchase a Nokia mobile phone?

A Nokia mobile phone can be purchased at a few different places. Phone retailers such as Verizon or T Mobile offer phones Nokia phones. Walmart and Target also has Nokia phones for purchase.

How many devices can be powered by a car charger splitter?

There are many different devices which can be charged by a car charger splitter, you can charge mp3 players, phones, and any other USB operated device.

What is better Nokia phones or Ericsson phones?

nokias are better to use and they are one of the best companys everNOKIA

Is Nokia 5300 good?

I think Nokia 5300 is a great phone I know because I have one. And lots of phones broke a lot but Nokia phones don't.

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