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Where can you get a cheap sewing machine in the UK?


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You Can Go To argos when they are on sale for example now until the 31st august 2011 and you can go to charity shops they usually have sewing machines which are cheap


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The voltage in a UK outlet is about twice that of a US outlet, which means you could ruin your sewing machine trying to plug it in. In order to use your US sewing machine in the UK, you'll need to purchase a voltage converter (transformer), and then you'll need to buy a UK adapter (since the transformer plug doesn't match UK outlets).

A Sewing Machine And Cloth And Maybe Markers.

The people to ask is the manufactor of the sewing machine. I am sure they have a site....pkazsr

Perhaps you have the sewing machine tension too high? Perhaps you have cheap thread designed for hand sewing?

Most Singer sewing machines can perform all sorts of stiches, and are fairly cheap to purchase.

Not all sewing machines are compound machines. The definition of a compound machine is one the contains more than one machine within the same case. A machine that is not only a sewing machine but also an embroidery machine would be considered a compound sewing machine. A really good compound sewing machine is the Husqvarna Diamond sewing machine.

A spool pin in your sewing machine is where the spool of thread sits on the sewing machine.

Juki brand sewing Machine is number one sewing machine in Malaysia.

sewing machine:) A sewing machine uses thread to fasten fabric together. A sowing machine plants seeds.

what is the function of the head of the sewing machine

it is somthing on a sewing machine

The Victorians invented the sewing machine.

the use of sewing machine is to sew

I got mine for 90,000. It was a BARGAIN! Im so happy that it was so cheap!

The sewing machine has helped people have a faster way of sewing

sewing machine is the example of machine that used in making fabrics

You can find an antique sewing machine online or at any of the eBay local stores in any town. A lot of them are extremely cheap concerning that it may be a collectors item.

what is the function of a pulley in a sewing machine

puts the sewing machine in reverse.

What does the tension disc do on the sewing machine

The Singer 2517 Sewing Machine is quiet.

The Brother Sewing Machine and Sauder Sewing Table would be a great pick.

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