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Where can you get a diagram of the belt systems of a 1985 Ford E350 van?


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2004-07-01 08:01:27
2004-07-01 08:01:27

most auto parts store carry manuels on most cars just find the one that is on your van and a diagram of how the belts go on will be in it. the books cost around 15 dollars to buy but some store will let you look at them.


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You can find a fuse box diagram for a 1985 Ford E350 7.5 liter inside the owner's manual. You can also find it in the vehicle's Chilton repair manual.

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My 1991 E350 Fuse diagram is in the owners manual.

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A diagram for a 1994 Ford e350 can be found in the trucks service manual. The manual can be found through most auto parts.

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