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I've gotten several decent motorcycles by just being in the right place at the right time... If that fails, ask. Talk about bikes at work, at school, anywhere you hang out, people will get to know that you're interested in bikes and, hopefully, keep their ear to the ground for a cheap or free bike. I saw a 1976 Harley Davidson SX250 on the back of a truck once and asked the owner if it was for sale... I brought it home for free. It took $120 worth of parts and three weeks worth of work but I had it "Safetied" and registered and ride it to work now. A fellow at work asked me if I wanted another bike and I came home with a mid '70's CZ 250, free. Check your local newspaper, I picked up a CZ 250 parts bike for $50. I also helped out a broken down biker, in the rain. When we got to his place with his broken bike I spotted a 1987 Honda Spree 50cc Scooter in his garage, he gave it to me for my troubles, just because I asked what he was going to do with it, my Father enjoyed this Scooter for a whole summer before selling it and moving on to a larger bike, now he's got the "bug"…

You could also look on Ebay or in your local newspaper, but remember cheap is not always a good option. Sometimes it is best to pay a little extra to insure reliablity...

Ebay is great but dont get a cheap Chinese rip off bike.

If you want it to travel to school there is a moped scheme going on, where they give it to you free to travel to school.

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Q: Where can you get a free or cheap motorcycle or moped?
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Motorcycle license for a scooter moped in pa?

You need a motorcycle license for a moped over 50ccs. You need a moped license for under 50cc.

What is a DCI on a motorcycle?

U have a moped

What has wheels and starts with m?

motorcycle, moped

When was the moped invented?

A moped is like a smaller type of motorcycle. The moped was invented in the early 1900's, but looked more like a motorized bicycle.

What is the difference between a motorcycle and moped license?

In Michigan, a motorcycle license is an add on to a drivers license and a moped doesn't require a license. Could vary by state.

Do you need a license for moped under 50 cc?

in pa. do you need a motorcycle licence for a 50 cc moped

Do you need a motocycle license to drive a moped in nebraska?

Yes you will need a motorcycle license to drive a moped in Nebraska. A motorcycle license is also needed to drive a motor scooter in Nebraska.

Do you need a motorcycle license to ride a 50cc motorcycle in Oregon?

No, you do not need a motorcycle endorsement to operate a 50cc and under moped or scooter in Oregon. You do, however need either a regular driver's license, or a moped-restricted Class-C license.

Is the vespa gts 300 super a moped or motorcycle by Ohio state law?

It is a motorcycle

What licence do you need to drive a tuk tuk in UK Car or Motorcycle?

A moped one? As it essentially is just a glorified moped.

Do you need special Driver license to drive a 200cc moped in Maryland?

You need a motorcycle license to drive a moped over 50ccs. You must be at least sixteen years old to get a motorcycle license.

Is a Suzuki FA50J a moped?

Not technically, because it does not have pedals. Moped stands for motor pedal. If it does not have pedals, it is not a true moped. It is technically a motorcycle, but you could likely get away with it as a moped because of the slow top speed and the fully automatic transmission.

How many ccS confirms it to be a motorcycle?

50cc or more, otherwise it is a moped

What is a word that means a motorcycle ending with ped?

I think your thinking of a moped.

Will I need a motorcycle license to drive a 110cc super mini bike in Virginia?

Yes, you will need a motorcycle only license or motorcycle endorsement on your regular license. Virginia does not require a motorcycle license or endorsement for a scooter or moped. A scooter or moped is defined as having an engine less than 50cc's and your is larger than that.

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a moped in pa?

not if its 50cc or less, but you need a driver's license and the moped needs to be titled, registered, and insured.

Do I need motorcycle license in Maryland to drive a 150cc scooter?

yes. anything over 50cc is considered a motorcycle in the state of maryland.sometimes you can get away with riding a 70cc moped but i dont suggest doing so.i ride mopeds and scooters.all 50cc. if you ride a moped you will need a drivers license,a learners permit or a moped license. but yes you need a motorcycle license for anything over 50cc.

Do you need a motorcycle licence to drive a moped 250cc in New Jersey?

no u do not

How old do you have to be to drive a moped in Arizona?

In Arizona you will need a motorcycle license to drive a moped and it must be registered with the DMV. The legal age for a license is 16.

Do you need a drivers license to drive a moped in Pennsylvania?

I talked to a guy at a bicycle shop and he said you have to be 16, just a regular drivers license (no motorcycle or anything like that), insurance on the moped, and the moped must have pedals

At what age can you drive a moped?

16 I believe in the US, but I think you also have to have a motorcycle license.

South Carolina law on 49cc scooters?

According to the South Carolina law on 49cc scooters, you must be of age 15 or older. It requires a motorcycle license, an insurance, also a moped license tag bought from a licensed motorcycle or moped dealer.

Do you need a drivers license to drive a moped in Wisconsin?

Yes. If the moped/scooter is 49cc or less you will need an automobile license. If over 49cc you will need to get a motorcycle endorsement.

You are looking for a moped that you can drive on the freeway like a normal car but where would you go to find it?

No moped type vehicle would be legal to drive on a freeway. The minimum speed on freeways is 45 mph. Moped type vehicles will not run that fast. A much better and safer alternative is a motorcycle like the Honda Rebel. It is a 250 cc motorcycle that will get over 50 mpg and is large enough to be safely driven on a freeway. It is a much safer vehicle than a moped with it's small wheels. Go to any motorcycle dealer and look at what they have.

How old do you have to be to ride a moped in pa?

you must have a valid motorcycle license if the moped is over 50 cc's. you must be at least 16 with a valid drivers license if it is less that 50cc's.

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