Where can you get a horn from a Ferrari?

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2008-04-09 02:57:18

The famous Ferrari horn sound is made by a duotone airhorn

setup. The airhorn manufacture FIAMM produced the Serie 2000 made

for the Ferrari, early Lamborghini and some Bentley cars. The Serie

2000, which are two tin-pot trumpets that produce unique 'Ferrari'

sound is not available and cannot be produced by any other plastic

trumpet airhorn setup. It is an exclusive sound! The last Ferrari's

to get the famous FIAMM airhorns were the 355 and 456GT. New

regulations by governments regarding horns on new cars have

restricted airhorns as a horn option altogether on new exotics. The

only way to obtain these airhorns are to buy them from salvage

recycle yards or through new Ferrari parts, which are made

completely plastic. As of 2007, the going price of a new Ferrari

airhorn with plastic trumpets was around $130.00 USD.

Options/Alternatives Hella, FIAMM and Stebel make two horns that

sound very close to the Ferrari sound,(795Hz and 840Hz) only a

trained musician's ear could really tell the difference. If you

were to buy their 3 airhorn kit that is available the most major

auto parts stores, you would set aside the longest horn and install

the medium and short trumpets only. Voila! That is the closest you

going to get to that Ferrari sound.(Stebel GPS - Hella

is the only manufacture that sells the correct medium and short

airhorns together in one kit, with the correct sound. WOLO horns -

Poor quality, horrific sound for the price that best fits junk make

in China. WOLO horns are not going to get you that Ferrari


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