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I saw a Giude Book listed on ebay. It was momething like $8.00 + shipping. Just try Ebay. Then type in: Santa's Special DEERlivery. it should come up.

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Is there a good set of christmas Figurines for a great holiday display?

the Pipka Santas Dutch Sinter Klaas Christmas Figurine Set is lovely.

What has the author Ron Ransom written?

Ron Ransom has written: 'Ron Ransom carves athletic Santa mini-cheers' -- subject(s): Patterns, Wood-carved figurines, Miniature wood-carving, Santa Claus, Art 'A Ron Ransom Christmas' -- subject(s): Wood-carving, Wood-carved figurines, Santa Claus, Art 'Carving Santas with special interests' -- subject(s): Wood-carving, Wood-carved figurines, Santa Claus, Art 'Ron Ransom carves more angels' -- subject(s): Wood-carving, Wood-carved figurines, Angels in art

What is Santas lead reindeer called?

Rudolph the red nose reindeer the special one!!! and gibberish

Can reindeer be seen?

Reindeer can be seen unless you're talking about santas reindeers then no, they have special magic that makes them invisible.

What is a mall Santas hours?

what is a mall santas hours?

What is santas name in Germany?

what is santas name in Germany

How old are Santas reindeer?

How old are santas reindeer?

When did Apostolos Santas die?

Apostolos Santas died in 2011.

What is Santas Martas's population?

Santas Martas's population is 952.

How do become Santas elf?

I want to be santas elf

Who played the postman in santas coming to town?

"Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town" (1970). Television Special. Fred Astaire.

Do people wear special costumes in Brazil for Christmas?

Not unless you count the Santas at the mall. And maybe the occasional Santa hat.

Where is Santas work shop at?

where is santas work shop and his raine deers.

Is Santas workshop big?

yes santas workshop is big.

Santas elves names?

What are santas elves names

What is the collective noun for a group of Santas?

I suggest it should be a sack of Santas

Are all Alkota carved Russian santas signed?

Yes, all Santa Clauses sold by Alkota are authentic figurines imported from Russia and signed by Russian artists. We buy from Alkota for 14 years for our retail store in Lake Bluff, IL.

Who is Santas parents?

santas parents are dead now...R.I.P...they had sex and he was born

Is Bonner one of Santas reindeer?

Donner is one of Santas reindeer, but not Bonner.

When was Apostolos Santas born?

Apostolos Santas was born on February 22, 1922.

When did Marina of Aguas Santas die?

Marina of Aguas Santas died in 139.

When was Marina of Aguas Santas born?

Marina of Aguas Santas was born in 119.

When was Meet the Santas created?

Meet the Santas was created on 2005-12-17.

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