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Where can you get a list of every keyboard button fuction?

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Go into Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. Then find Emoji on the list. You now can acess these emoticons by tapping the button with the world logo in the bottom-left corner of your keyboard.

list four types of keys on the computer keyboard There is the Dvorak keyboard, Colemak keyboard, Azerty keyboard, and Qwerty keyboard

ALT keyboard symbols or (character map) can be found with every version of Windows. Keyboard symbols are also called character sets.

Just search on the internet for full list of keyboard commands

Settings>General>Keyboards>Japanese romanaj. Add it and in the keyboard hit the globe, go to numbers, hit the face button, and on the top right corner of the keyboard there is an arrow. Hit the arrow and there is a list of faces!

put the mouse over the word or whatever you typed in, and press the delete button on your keyboard.

Click on the Windows Logo/Start button and type a doc/anything into the box that says, "Search programs and files". Then, a list will come up to show you all the areas that hold your request - mail/docs/calendar, etc.

Yes. The iPhone 4 has an emoji keyboard. To install that keyboard go to: Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Scroll down the list and select "Emoji"

When you click on Google search button, you get a list of searches. When you click "I'm feeling lucky" button, you will directly go to 1st result of that list.

When you open your friends list, it is below the list. The guild button is characterized by a yellow shield.

To play music with the iTunes software you need to select a music file from the Music Library and then click on the Play button or double click the file in the list or press the Space bar on your keyboard.

Highlight the list and click on the sort button.

The button sequences for the fatalities are different for every character. You can view the sequence in the moves list when the game is paused

So far, there isn't a list that lists every member on WikiAnswers. However, there is a list of every Supervisor on WikiAnswers, just not every member that WikiAnswers has.

If you are playing in a server, press the escape (Esc) button on your keyboard and the "Quit Game" option should be listed at the very bottom of the options list. If you are on the menu screen, then the "Quit Game" should be available.

Generally this is simple enough to change in Mac OS X it is in the system preference within the 'International' pane. In Windows XP, go to the control panel, open the regional and language options. From there choose the tab "languages" and there click the "details..." button. Here, if the German keyboard setting is not installed already (i.e. appears in the list), click "add" and install it. Then in the task bar, next to the clock, you should see a little button saying "EN", it shows your keyboard setting. Click it and choose German (Deutsch, DE).

in the buddies list click on the button at the bottom of the buddies list that says show on-line

list the short cuts on a PC's keyboard

The only one I can think of is, "The hardest button to button" by The White Stripes. Let's not forget Frosty The Snowman!

No, that list is infinite.

Well you've used thirty of them in your question.All the letters, all the numbers, all punctuation and a host of other characters too. Look up a list of asci code numbers and you'll see every character available. Though to answer your question not all these characters are actually on your keyboard.

Keyboard. Mouse. Scanner. Touch screen.

some are not on the list, try et, and ep and see what YOU!

It is a way to accomplish a task by just hitting 1 or 2 keys. Here is a list of XP keyboard shortcuts.

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