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I believe the Rod Stewart Fan Club RSFC is compiling such a list. Check out the fans forum and other info on

Another great fan club is SMILER who are on

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Rod Stewart does he sign hot legs?

Yes, Rod Stewart wrote the song 'Hot Legs' and it became a hit for him. He almost always performs it during concerts.

Can you get the set list from the Rod Stewart concert in Sunrise Florida?

Try here:

List of actors with the initials rs?

Ross Stewart. Why? Rod Serling.

Who sold more albums Bon Jovi or rod Stewart?

According to Wikipedia's list of best-selling music artists, Rod Stewart has sold more.

Who is rod Stewart married too now?

Rod Stewart is married to Penny Lancaster-Stewart.

Was rod Stewart in journey?

No, Rod Stewart was never in the band, Journey.

What year was Rod Stewart born?

Rod Stewart was born in 1945.

Who had the biggest concert robbie Williams or rod Stewart?

rod stewart

Who was the dancer in rod Stewart broken arrow?

how old is rod stewart

What date did Rod Stewart die?

Rod Stewart isn't dead.

Which soccer team does rod Stewart support?

rod supports Celtic fc he has done for many years and is apparent at a lot of his concerts,he has a lifetime seat at parkhead and can often be seen there [god bless him]

Where can information be found about tours by Rod Stewart?

One can find information about tours by Rod Stewart from his website which is Rod Stewart. One can also find information about tours by Rod Stewart from the Ticket Master website.

Has Rod Stewart ever been to newzealand?

Yes, he has performed concerts there over the years and was once married to New Zealand model Rachel Hunter.

When was Rod Stewart born?

Rod Stewart was born on January 10, 1945.

Who is Rod Stewart's girlfriend?

Rod Stewart is married to Penny Lancaster-Stewart.

Does rod Stewart smoke?

No, Rod Stewart has never smoked and this is confirmed in his autobiography.

List all of rod Stewart's songs?

Rod Stewart has recorded over 1,000 songs on over 50 albums in a career spanning almost 50 years... it would be quite a list.

How many wives has Rod Stewart had?

Rod Stewart is currently married to his third wife.

What is the sexual orientation of Rod Stewart?

No way man!No, Rod Stewart is heterosexual (straight).

Who is supporting Rod Stewart on tour?

Solange Abela is supporting Rod Stewart on tour

Who is Rod Stewarts girlfriend?

Rod Stewart is happily 'married' to Penny Lancaster-Stewart.

What is the horoscope for Rod Stewart?

Rod Stewart was born on January 10th, which means that he is aCapricorn.

What is the hidden meaning in the song her diamonds by Rod Stewart?

'Her Diamonds' is not a song by Rod Stewart.

What is the last song Rod Stewart wrote?

Rod Stewart is still writing songs.

Who did Rod Stewart play with in 1995?

did rod stewart have a bass guitarist named saul