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Where can you get a list of the people killed on the USS Arizona?

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The National Parks Service has a website that lists all of the personnel killed on the USS Arizona.

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How many people were killed in the USS Arizona at pearl harbor?

1177 men were killed

How many people were on the USS Arizona when it sunk?

1,177 people were killed when the USS Arizone was sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Why was USS Arizona Memorial built?

To remember the USS Arizona and the people who died on it.

What percentage of the military and Navy people killed in World War 2 were killed on the USS Arizona?

Their were 1,117 crewmen who lost their lives in that attack on the USS Arizona. This was more than half of the total causalities in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

How many people survived the uss Arizona?

223 survived the sinking of the USS Arizona

How many sevicemen died on the USS Arizona?

The USS Arizona (BB-39) carried 1400 servicemen at the time of its sinking. Of these, 1177 were killed.

Who was on the USS Arizona when it sank?

See "USS ARIZONA" by Joy Waldon Jasper, St.Martin's Press, 2001 for complete list of casualties and survivors.

How many people died on the USS Arizona?

I believe of the 2402 military killed in the Pearl Harbor attack 1177 people died when the USS Arizona sank. It trapped them in the ship and drowned them to death.

How do you find the name of someone that died on the USS Arizona?

A complete list can be found in USS ARIZONA by Joy Waldron Jasper, St.Martin's Press, 2001.

Was there a guy on the USS Arizona named Lt Emory J Pelko when the USS Arizona got bombed?

There is a list of both the casualities and survivors in "THE USS ARIZONA" by Joy Waldron Jasper, St.Matin's Press, 2001, and this name does not appear.

How many people visit the USS Arizona Memorial annually?

The USS Arizona Memorial is visited by 1.5 million people every year. The USS Arizona is located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and sits on the bottom of the pacific ocean.

How many people were rescued on the USS Arizona?


Is there a list of names of the men who were killed in Pearl Harbor?

The names of all the men who died on the USS Arizona are on a plaque at the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. ANSWER Also available online :

Is the uss Arizona Arizona upside down?

USS Arizona sank upright in shallow water; USS Oklahoma, however, did capsize.

How many men are entombed in the USS Arizona?

There were 1,102 people trapped in the Arizona

When was the USS Arizona memorial constructed?

The USS Arizona was constructed in 1962

Where is the USS Arizona memorial what does it commermorate?

It is in Hawaii and it honors the USS Arizona.

Did roughly half of dead die when the Arizona exploded?

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if half of those killed during the Pearl Harbor attack, all come from deaths aboard USS Arizona? Officially there were 2,402 deaths during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Of those, 1,177 were killed aboard Arizona. That's about 49% of those killed all came from Arizona, so your answer is yes, roughly half of all those killed, were from USS Arizona.

Did the USS Arizona have canons?

NO, but the USS Arizona had huge guns. 18 in in diameter.

Why was the USS Arizona memorial built?

The USS Arizona memorial was built in honor of the USS Arizona that was sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Which is bigger USS Arizona or uss Missouri?

USS Missouri.

Why was the uss Arizona named the uss Arizona?

The Navy used to name battleships after states and Arizona wasn't taken.

What did the USS Arizona battleship look like?

For photos, see website: USS Arizona

Did everybody who was on the USS Arizona die when the USS Arizona sank?

no not everyone died when it sank

How many U.S. battleships sank during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Here is a brief summary of US ship losses & damage to the 8 battleships at Pearl Harbor: Battleship-USS Arizona, sunk; 1,103 killed Battleship-USS Oklahoma, sunk; 415 killed Battleship-USS West Virginia, sunk; 106 killed Battleship-USS California, sunk; 98 killed Battleship-USS Nevada, beached; 60 killed; Battleship-USS Pennsylvania, slight damage; 29 killed Battleship-USS Tennessee, minor damage; 5 killed Battleship-USS Maryland, some damage; 4 killed. Only the USS Arizona & USS Oklahoma were total losses. The USS West Virginia, USS California, and USS Nevada were all raised/refloated and then repaired & improved on the US west coast in time to fight in the Pacific war. The USS Pennsylvania, USS Tennessee, and USS Maryland were all repaired on the US west coast and returned to service in less than four months. Of the 8 battleships at Pearl Harbor, four were sunk. Of the four that were sunk, two were later raised, repaired, and returned to service during the war.