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Where can you get a new barrel for a 12 gauge Stevens Savage Model 94 series K shotgun?

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What is the age and value of a Savage Arms Stevens 20 gauge double-barrel shotgun Model 311 H series?

Blue Book of Gun Values will help.

What is the value of Stevens model savage 311r series j 12 gauge double barrell shotgun?

$ 300-$500 if it is Police model with 18" Barrel, in good shape...I got one...

What is the choke on a Stevens Model 311 Series H Twelve Gauge Shotgun?

They came in various barrel lengths and choke combinations. If it is not marked on the side of the barrel, you will have to pattern the shotgun to determine the choke

How much is a Stevens model 311 series h savage arms westefield mass shotgun worth?

50-200 USD

What year is a Stevens model 311 series h 12 gauge double barrel double trigger shotgun serial number D150178?

You will have to contact Savage directly for the answer to your question.I beleive that the serial numbers to the Stevens model 311 side by side shotgun are not in the public domain.I can say that the model 311 was discontinued in the year 1989.

What is the value of a savage fox model b series h serial number B611255 double barrel shotgun?

The value of a Savage Fox model B series h double barrel shotgun with a serial number of B611255 depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 199.99 and 275.00 as of 2014.

Can you get a deer barrel for your Stevens 67 series e 12 ga shotgun?

Try Numrich gun parts corp.or gun under shotgun parts.

What is the age of Stevens model 530A 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

I believe that this series of shotgun was made starting in the 1990,s and made up to about 2005.

What is the choke on a Savage model 69RXL Series E shotgun?

A savage model 69RXL Series E is a Law Enforcement Riot Gun with an 18" barrel and an open choke for use with #00 Buck Shot.

What is the value and age of a Stevens Model 94 series M 16 gauge single barrel shotgun?

it was made in or around 1972

How old is a savage Stevens model 94 k 410 shot gun serial a787136?

The best I can do is say that the savage/stevens model 94 shotgun series were made between the years 1926-1945 with a total production of 934,000 made.

When was the last Stevens model 311 series h double barrel 12 gauge shotgun made?

this was made either 1988 or 1989.

Who made Stevens 94 series p?

The Stevens 94 series P was made by Stevens-Savage Arms. There were a number of?ægauges that were made of these series from 1930.?æ

What is the value of a Stevens model 311 series H 410 gauge double barrel shotgun?

Just sold one for $750.00/ like new

Where can you find information about a J Stevens Arms Co 16 gauge double barrel shotgun Patented April 20 1915?

Forerunner of the 5100 series which evolved into the Savage/Stevens 311. Stevens made a LOT of double-shotguns with varying designs over the years. Depending on condition, yours would bring $200-$350 at retail.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Savage Stevens Model 67L pump shotgun series E?

I've seen this gun selling anywhere from 120 to 200 dollars.

Savage Model 67 Series E Shotgun?

The value of a Savage Series E shotgun series E depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is worth between 140.00 and 175.00 as of 2014.

What is the value of a j Stevens 12 gauge double barrel?

50-250 USD Whats the Value of Steevens Double Barrel Shot Gun Savage 12 Gage Model 311 Series H

What is the age and value of a Stevens - Savage Arms model 94 series P 16 gauge SS shotgun?

The Stevens Model 94 single shot shotgun is blook booked up to $150, depending upon condition. Generall, there is no collectors' interest in these utility shotguns.

What is the age and value of a Stevens Savage Arms model 94 series P 16 gauge SS shotgun?

I am afraid not much,they are valued at between 50-150 dollars.

What is information on Savage Model 842 Series E .222 Rem.?

Information on the Savage shotgun model 842 series E 222 Remington includes that it has a 24-inch barrel. As of 2014, this gun is valued between 200.00 and 250.00 in excellent condition.

Can you shoot slugs through a Savage 24 combo .22LR-20ga series N?

I would avoid it if the shotgun barrel has a full choke.

How much is a Stevens model 311 series h 12 ga savage arms 2.25 to 3 inch shell long double barrel serial no e370607?


Who made the revelation 350 series m shotgun?

I believe it was Stevens

How can you get the barrel off of the Stevens 12 gauge 511 series sa?

Pull down on forearm. It should come off. Then break open shotgun, barrels should hinge off.

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