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Where can you get a picture of the fuse panel for 1991 Park Avenue Buick?


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2006-11-03 12:11:34
2006-11-03 12:11:34

A picture of the fuse panel is in the owners manual. You can also find a picture in a repair manual that you find at your local auto part dealer.


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The Buick Park Avenue Started In 1991

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Up behind the glove box (near the right kick panel)

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The Buick Park Avenue nameplate was first used in 1977 on a model of Buick Electra, but did not exist as a standalone model until 1991, when it replaced the Electra.

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I own a 1991 buick park avenue ultra. I'm sure it's in the same place as the buick. I just had that done. It is located on top of the steering column. You must take the front panel off in order to reach it. I would suggest that you go to an electrical shop. It is a dunting job.

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