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tRY YOUR LOCAL AUTO GLASS STORE. The best replacement windows are from BMW. There is a person who sells replacement convertible windows on ebay. I have used his products with success on E30 325ic but never tried his windows for the E36 325. local auto glass buisness was able to cut the old plastic out and instll new plastic, much cheaper than a whole new roof.

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โˆ™ 2007-08-08 03:54:48
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Q: Where can you get a plastic back window for a BMW 328i convertible?
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Why won't my BMW 328i convertible front windows r oll down but back operate fine?

how do i fit new windows in the front & back of my 328I convertable E36

Installing inside window crank 74 super beetle?

The window cranks are these pot-metal castings with plastic covers. If you peel the plastic cover back, you'll see the screwhole.

I have to replace the back half back window portion on my 1987 930 convertible Can I do this myself Should I have your autobody guy do it?

upholstry or body shop. dont attempt it yourself.

Where are the hydraulic cylinders for the 1988 lebaron convertible?

They are on either side under the arm rests/plastic trim in the back seat area.

How do you install a back window in a convertible?

Does the surrounding fabric require replacement? If your just replacing the glass you may be able to un-zip it and swap it.

How do you replace Honda Civic dx back window?

To replace the back window on a Honda Civic DX, you will have to remove the old one, peel off the remaining plastic, and put the new one in place.

Where is the convertible top motor in a 1998 Z24 cavalier?

I just replaced the top on my '99 and the motor was located behind the plastic panel inside behind the drivers seat. It's below the 1/4 window to the left of you if you were sitting in the back seat behind the driver at your fore-arm.

Where is the convertible relay switch on a 1975 caprice convertible?

Behind the back seat

What convertible cars accommodate baby seats?

Any convertible with a back seat.

What is the correct tire pressure for 2007 BMW 328i with 20555R-16 tires?

I have a 2009 328i and the manual says it should be 32psi front and 36psi back...with cold tires.

How do you repair a loose window on a 1991 Mustang GT?

i have a 89 gt 5.0 . theres little plastic clips on the middle back and bottom front of the window. pull the window out and replace them. it should help.

Why do you blow dry the plastic window insulation?

Basically, in order to be able to see more clearly through it. Also, I noticed that if I dont blow the plastic-tight, then the wind has a tendancy to rattle and move the plastic sheeting back and forth so much that it will loosen and come unstuck from the window frame.

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