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Where can you get a replacement electronic control module for 1991 Lincoln Mark VII?



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most ford and Lincoln dealers can get this module for you


Most autoparts stores have the ECM. But you may also have to change out the Pickup located inside the distributor which requires the distributor to be taken apart buy removing the gear. Or you can buy a rebuilt distributor but make sure is matches the old ones gear. Some gears are made from the wrong metal and break (HO vs non HO engines). Make sure you have a book with picture before attempting to do this. In my experience I paid $400 to have the ECM changed and the problem ended up being with distributors pickup (the 87 LSC would randomly not start) after doing the job, I took it to a professional to get the engine timed($60)-I just could not get it to work right(high idle no power). Always use premium gas.