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Where can you get a replacement fan switch for the dash of your 97 Tracker?


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2005-10-31 02:47:22
2005-10-31 02:47:22

The only places I've found those types of parts locally are a dealer,(expensive) or a junkyard,(used, no guarantee), you might be able to find something online with a google search. I found one at a junkyard and the entire thing was about $110 at the dealer. I was able to change just the switch as I thought it was the reason that I only had the two top speeds on the fan. The problem is, I've been told is a resistor located at the heater box that I have yet to find.


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Change blower fan control switch in the dash

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The vacuum switch/actuator for the fan shutter is under the dash directly below the radio . IT is NOT easy to get to.

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its a relay in the dash or check ur switch

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Hi, The blower fan is under the dash on the right side sort of behind and a little to the left of the glove compartment. Steve H.

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Run a fused HOT line from the fuse block to the switch under dash - the other end to the cooling fan

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