Where can you get a set of rules to impose on neighbors of a new pool owner?

You should visit your local town offices and obtain copies of any rules and regulations regarding pools. Next you should discuss your liability and insurance coverage with your home owner's insurance company. If necessary, consult an attorney for advice or if you have any questions. Once you are fully informed then you can formulate a set of rules. Don't wait until you find out what your responsibilities and liabilities are in a court room.

If most of the "neighbors" are children my rule is I'll watch who I want, when I want. The way to keep "the others" out is to tell those kids that their mommy or daddy needs to come over to watch them if they want to swim. Guaranteed to keep most of the "new friends" your children will acquire with a pool away. The only thing with a selective rule is that it might cause problems between the unwanted neighbor children and yours. For insurance reasons and protection from a possible lawsuit I make sure my fence gates are locked at all times and I tell all children that they can only swim if one of their parents are with them. My insurance said this was a very good idea.