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You can get them nearly anywhere if you know where to look. Most pet stores have them, its just because they get sold out so quickly and they only come in once every 2 months that it is hard to get them. You can type up on Google on a pet store list of all the stores in your area. Normally, there will be a phone number next to the addresses of the pet stores. You can try calling each one of them and ask if they have any puppies in stock. I highly recommend finding a breeder instead. Most Shiba Inu puppies in pet stores are not pure bred and "unique". I know this because every time I have seen a Shiba Inu in a pet store, they lacked their famous "eye mark", as I call it, characteristic. Once you master Shiba Inus, you will notice that ALL unique Shibas will have the same, special eye mark right above their eyes like a little dent that makes them look handsome and Asian (not to be racist, but I am Asian myself).

You can find breeders by looking it up on google. There is nothing you can't find on google. Just type in the search box your state and "shiba inu puppy breeder". You are very likely to find tons of breeders in your state. If you are unsuccessful in finding a good breeder for you, type up "shiba inu puppy sale" and your state. Most likely, you will find tons of websites that are selling shiba inu puppies. For example, sells puppies and you can also find puppies at and at

The 3rd address (httpK//la.oodle. etc) has lots of shiba inus all over from the country. Some of them are mixed but you can always contact the seller for information.

I highly recommend looking at the site for shiba inu information and puppy pictures and adult pictures. The website is a breeder's website in New Jersey but it holds many good information and tons of puppies to choose from.

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Q: Where can you get a shiba inu for a pet?
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