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to get a tattoo license in New Jersey you have to have obtained your 2000 hours with written proof from your master, at that time you go to the board of health and get your instructions from there. Goto any local tattooist anywhere in New Jersey (or even your master should know.) and ask for more thorough direction. We just opened a shop in Bridgeton, NJ (south jersey). We went through finding the right building w/the adequit board of health standard size rooms. Then went through commercial zoning approval, board of health inspection, occupancy permit/building inspection (safety codes), and signage permits. After the board of health inspection if you pass, you are then issued your license to tattoo in the building. Call us for more questions. Visions On Skin Tattooing 139 E Commerce St. Bridgeton, NJ 08302 (856)455-5551 Thanks, Manager: Cassandra Bahamundi Artist: Tony Dennis

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Q: Where can you get a tattoo license in New Jersey?
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