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What causes a car to idle rough and sometimes shut off when coming to a stop?

It could be your TPS, throttle positioning sensor. At least, that was the case with my 89 prelude.

Will an 87 prelude 2.0 fit in an 89 prelude 2.0 SI?

?timing marks for 2.0 prelude 89

What and where is ECU program on 89 prelude?

ecu program for 89 prelude si.what is it andwhere . htanks

On 1989 Honda prelude si automatic is speedometer cable or sensor?

89 Speedo cableI just paid for a lower speedometer cable. The sensor began in '90. The part price was 35.78 plus shipping. It also has a sensor that sits on top of the transmission case. I'm ordering one from today!To better answer the question, an 89 prelude has both. The speedometer cable attaches to the speed sensor.

Can an 89 Honda Prelude engine fit in 94 Honda Prelude?

You could, but because the '94 Prelude is heavier than the '89 Prelude, it doesn't make sense to swap in a smaller powered motor.

Where do i find a diagram to replace or clean the throttle body sensor in your 89 Pontiac grand prix that is free to look up on the internet now?

Usually the Throttle Position Sensor is located by the intake manifold, usually at the end of your air intake.

Where is map sensor on an 89 camaro 305 TBI?

Its on the back firewall, if you follow that single vacume hose on the backside of your Throttle Body it will go straight up to your MAP sensor.

What motor comes in 89 prelude si?


Will a 90-91 prelude front bumper fit on a 89 prelude?

Yes it will but your lights will be different.

Can you use a 89 Honda Prelude to restore a 87 Honda Prelude?

yes, the parts are interchangeable Edit by an 86 Prelude owner: note that an 89 prelude is the 3rd generation, and the 87 is a second generation, for body mouldings and panels they are not perfectly interchangeable, many of the parts from an 89 prelude will not fit an 87, Honda is notorious for changing little details that make things just incapable of fitting a seemingly similar car. the late 80's Accords and 84-88 Preludes will share many parts, but the 89-91 Prelude will not offer you a whole lot.

Is a 86 prelude si the same as the 89 prelude si engine?

yes they are the same the 2.0 l4 fuel injected

Where can you find a in-dash fuse box for a 89 Honda Prelude?

In dash fuse box on the 89 prelude is located to the left of your steering wheel approximately even with the bottom of the steering wheel.

Does a 89 Honda Prelude hood fit an 86?

no parts for a 89 go thru years 88 thru 91

How do you deactivate the ecu in 89 Honda Prelude?

u cant... it runs the car...

My 89 camaro dies when I give it gas. sometimes when i press on the gas pedal it doesn't get gass until let off the pedal.?

I just dealt with this, it is 3 things, your Throttle position sensor, your map sensor, and the fuel pump,

How do you replace the speed sensor on a 1989 Honda Prelude 2.0si?

its not a speed sensor its a speed cable mine went out on my 89 lude i think it's about 40 bucks for the cable at the dealership. it's pretty easy to take out and install the new one as long as you know where to look.

Why would my 89 Honda prelude lose power while driving?

vacuum leak

Does the 89 Honda Prelude have antilock brakes?

4ws yes, 2ws I believe does as well.

I am trying to find out the valve clearance or lash on a 89 Honda prelude si 2.0 motor?

The '89 Prelude Si has a Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC). The valve lash for the DOHC is INTAKE: 0.08 TO 0.12 mm EXHAUST: 0.16 TO 0.22mm.

Will a 92 prelude engine fit in your 89 prelude and bolt up to the old five speed transmission?

This conversion is to put a h22a engine from the 4-5 generation Preludes to the 3rd generatio Prelude, this conversion is very much so do-able, but. Their are issues with clearance of the sump of the h22a in the 89 Prelude. New engine mounts need to be used, new ECU needs to be installs aswell. Also you will have to use the gearbox from the h22a. Can't use the old gearbox in your 89 Prelude. It's a big job but there are plenty of examples of great Preludes sporting the newer engines.

What carburetor is on a 89 Chevy s-10?

No carburetor on that 89 S10. It would be throttle body fuel injected.

Is a 1989 Honda prelude with 210000 miles on it for 1500 a good buy?

i bought my 89 prelude 2.0si with 190,000 straight body good interior for only $800

Why a good shape 5.0L engine in a 89 c vic idle RPM rev up and down in short cycles when air conditioning is turned on until engine dies?

Throttle positioning sensor

89 gmc sierra 5.7 liter rebuilt motor 5000kms ago has never run right new computer chips new dis shaft dis cap and rotor plugs wires throttle body and egr new o2 sensor map sensor etc sensor?

Did you check for vacuum leaks?

Will 89 civic manual trans fit an 89 prelude?

no its a different engine so it wont match up to the tranny preludes are 2.0s and 1.8s civics are 1.6