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Q: Where can you get a universal safety for a Mauser broomhandle?
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Does a Mauser C96 use 9mm ammo?

It MAY. The "broomhandle" Mauser was originally made for a bottlenecked cartridge, the .30 Mauser. It was later made in caliber 9mm Parabellum.

Where can you buy a Mauser c96 shoulder holster?

Get a Copy of Shotgun News at the Bookstore. One of the holster adds sometimes has Mauser Broomhandle stuff.

What are some hand guns shoot a 7.62x25mm?

The Tokarev and Mauser "broomhandle" pistols were made in that caliber.

Who developed the first practical semi-automatic pistol?

Mauser. The C-96, better known as the "Broomhandle" Mauser. There were earlier pistols, but with limited sales.

What is the value of Mauser Broomhandle model18966 semi automatic 100 percent perfect condition?

Over $1000 - $1500 if 'perfect'

When was the Mauser Broomhandle Manufactured?

1896 to 1937. Some are marked 1940 - these were 1930s commercial M30 pistols taken into service by the Luftwaffe.

What was the first semi-auto pistol?

The first production semi auto pistol was the Mauser c/96 "broomhandle" pistol.

Need an appraisal on 7.65 mauser broomhandle in excellent condition clear markings excellent blueing?

You will need a hands on appraisal. Value of ANY firearm is based on EXACT make, model, and condition- and there were many models of the broomhandle. Some worth much more (or less) than others.

What was the first semiautomatic pistol?

I believe the very first was the Borchardt C93, introduced in 1894. The most commonly known early semi-auto was the Mauser "broomhandle" introduce in 1896 or the Browing M1900, introduced in 1898.

What gun was used as han solo's gun in Star Wars?

Han was famous for using a custom DL-44 heavy baster pistol.The prop used while filming the movie was a German broomhandle mauser,with various sci-fi looking thing atached to it.

Is 7x57 mauser a necked down 8x57 mauser?

No- the 7x57 was developed separately, in 1892 by Paul Mauser. The 8mm Mauser (actually the 7.92 Mauser, but every calls it the 8mm) was developed by a government board.

What Shel is used in a berreta 7.63 pistol?

You're probably thinking 7.65, as, to the best of my knowledge, Beretta never made a 7.63 pistol... that cartridge was exclusive to the "Broomhandle" Mauser and a handful of other weapons made in Germany. 7.65x17 Browning SR (Semi-Rimmed) is also sold as .32 ACP.

What is mauser named after?

Wilhelm & Paul Mauser. If you Google Mauser the 3rd item "WIKI" will give you the history.

What were some weapons of World War 1?

Here's "some" German weapons: Mauser Gewehr 98, Mauser Kar98AZ, 1915 Stick Grenade, 1915 Discuss Grenade, Mondragon Model 1915, Mauser Panzergewehr 1918, P-08 Luger, Mauser C96 Broomhandle, MG-08, MG-08/15, 1915 Model Two Man Flamethrower, Flammenwerfer 1916, and Bergmann MP-18/1. In addition to these were sabers, trench clubs, cavelry lances, and other hand to hand weapons. As for chemical warfare, the most common chemical agents used were: mustard agents (H agents), Phosgene (CG agent), and Hydrogen Cyanide (AC agent).

Is the Mauser Schnellfeuer M712 the same gun as the Mauser M173?


When was Siegfried Mauser born?

Siegfried Mauser was born in 1954.

When was Mauser created?

Mauser was created on 1874-05-23.

Is it true that a Mauser C96 carbine can be effective up to 1000 meters?

Are you sure you're thinking of the C96? The C96 is the "broomhandle" Mauser pistol, and the projectile itself may travel out to 1,000 metres under the right circumstances, but the effective range is considerably less - around 50 - 75 metres. The only other Mauser rifle with a "96" nomenclature was the Swedish M/96 long rifle. That is a rifle capable of reaching out and touching something at 1000 metres - if the firer is able to place the shot. A more realistic effective range - particularly for a rifle using only iron sights - would be 600 - 800 metres.

What was the first submachine gun in the world?

First submachinegun, firing pistol-caliber ammunition? That's probably the "Broomhandle" Mauser from 1893 or 1895 or something like that. They had select-fire versions that could shoot fully automatic. These models were available with a shoulder stock and a high-capacity magazine. They fired a 7.62mm or 9mm pistol round.

What is approx value of c96 7.63 broomhandle and holster?

100 on up depending on specifics

What calibres did the mauser Afrika model come in?

You will need to contact Mauser.

What year is mauser model 2000 serial number 73815?

You will have to contact Mauser

How do you remove a stock from a mauser rifle?

Best left to a Mauser trained gunsmith

Where was mauser p38 pistol built in 1944?

Mauser was located in Oberndorf Germany.

How do you find the model of your Mauser?

Robert Ball's book of the Mauser is a place to start