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You can get a good remote control helicopter at Target for 20!!!!!!!!

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Q: Where can you get a very good remote control helicopter for under 150?
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What is a good gift for a 9 year old boy?

Nerf toys of if you dare... a paintball gun.

Where are good stores where you could get a remote control helicopter?

Remote control helicopters can be purchased from a variety of stores and sources. Some notable stores include Radioshack and Best Buy. They can also be found in small hobby stores.

Can you get a good remote control car for under 15 that wont break?

not that i know of, no

Where can I get a remote control helicopter for a 12 year old?

Target is the best place for RC helicopters for youngsters, you can get fairly cheap ones depending on how big of a helicopter you want. If you're not from the US then I would suggest checking out Amazon for a good selection.

Where can I find information on remote control cars?

You can find some good information on remote control cars at the HobbyTron website. Amazon and eBay also offer good information about remote control cars.

What remote control helicopter would make a good gift?

There are several varieties of r/c helicopters out there. Swann offers several nice models to choose from. There are several sizes to choose from and for indoor or outdoor.

Where can I find shades that open and close with a remote control? is a good source for remote control and motorized window shades.

What is a good make for RC helicopters?

The Diamond Force Ultra durable helicopter is the best choice. It is remote control operated, and should last as long as 10 minutes in flight. Your son should be entertained for hours with this model.

What is the best remote control truck under $200?

If you're looking for a fast truck, then the Mattel RC tractor trucks are very good and close to $100.

How do you set remote control for grand marquis?

IF the Remote Control is also a part of an Alarm System, you will find a small BUTTON somewhere under the Dashboard. Mine is located just to the left of the steering column UNDER the dash. With the door open you can spot the button while the light under there is lit. Put your key in the starter - DO NOT turn on - and press the button for just a couple of seconds ( 2 or 3 ) then remove the key. Press the Remote Starter. Good Luck.

Who invented the Remote Control airplane?

Good question. I guess you need to define "remote control". Does the "U-control" models that are flown using strings that input elevator controls count? I do know that the Arthur Youngdemonstrated his helicopter design to Larry Bell around 1942. He flew a remote controlled model that used electrical signals carried on a long electrical cable that was hung under the model with a "trapeze" sling. Larry Bell provided Young the financing and men from his Bell Aerospace Company along with a shop in Garden Groove, NY to build his design. They designed the first prototype by scalling the models planetary-gear transmission by a factor of 7 times larger. This lead to the certification after the war of the first civilian helicopter certified by FAA; the Bell Model 47.

What remote control cars are suitable for a five year old boy?

A manufactor called "Kid Galaxy" makes some good remote control cars. The cars are not very expensive and they have a good look for a five year old kid. If you want to see some remote controled cars, it is a good idea to go to the nearest shop where they sell RC(remote control) cars. They will be happy to help you.