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Where can you get a wiring diagram for your 1973 ford f100 ranger 360 v8 blinkers and one brake light is the only thing that doesnt work thank you?



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The Haynes manual for your vehilce (available in autoparts stores) is one place to look. Most Ford Service departments also have them, but it may take a little extra effort to get someone there to share them. The problem with Ford Pickups brake light and blinker system is usually the ground part of the circuit, particularly in pickups with rust. Try connecting a test light to the bumper (or anywhere you see bare metal) and checking the connector with the bulb removed. This will tell you if you have a bad wire, or a bad ground (if the test light doesn't light at all, this indicates an open, check your test lights ground connection and try again. Often it is helpful to try using the test light on a working light to see if the test light has a good ground first)