Mitsubishi Space Wagon

Where can you get a wiring diagram on a 1989 Mitsubishi Space Wagon 1.8 TD?


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where is the engine number of a 2005 mitsubishi lancer wagon

yeah i can get one, just need year, wagon/sedan, engine size. any wiring diagram in particular.

A wiring diagram for the 1996 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon is found in the maintenance and repair manual books. These are found at an automotive store.

draining a radiator of a mitsubishi space wagon

no side lights or stop tail

The sunroof motor on a Mitsubishi Space Wagon is located at the rear of the sunroof, in a sealed housing. It allows the roof to be opened and closed via a button on the console.

pull gove box out look behind it and its there on the top left of the heater blowers

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The mechanics at the Ford dealer let me photocopy from their shop manual.

It is important to have diagrams on hand of a cars parts. A free wiring diagram of this car can be found in the cars maintenance manual, or at an auto shop as a print off.

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Get a wiring diagram or manual from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM email me at and i can provide i have same car

On mine its under the bonnet on the left hand side just behind the battery

which fuse box? inside under drivers side dash or the one in the engine compartment under the hood?

Dead battery, bad starter, or defective ignition switch.

start you car and use the h and m button to set the time you can only set the clock when your car is running

The cover of the fuse block will have the diagram for the circuits.

One reason why a Mitsubishi Star Wagon will stall when accelerating is bad spark plugs. Another reason is a bad oxygen sensor or the throttle position sensor.

eagle made it, eagle was later bought out by Chrysler Actually the Eagle Summit wagon was made by Mitsubishi. I was also marketed as the Mitsubishi Expo LRV and the Dodge Vista wagon.

I would like to know how to fix my 1995 subaru legacy wagon 5 speed manua transmission, or if anyone knows or have the electrical wiring and electrical diagram for 1995 subaru legacy 5 speed manua transmission ? Thanks

"Engine diagram" is not clear. Google has a lot of resources.

In my '03 wagon, the diagram is underneath the fusebox cover next to the battery

the 79 dodge powerwagon only had a mechanical fuel pump. so unless someone added a after market electrical one. it should not have wires

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