Where can you get an acting agent?

There are lots of agencies so all you have to do is send in your resume and headshot to as many agencies as you can! Keep trying until one of them ask for an interview.

It's best to ask The Screen Actors Guild for a list of SAG franchised agents to ensure that you are not going to be taken advantage of. If you are a youth (under age 22) your chances are better than if you are an adult, to be interviewed unless you are an adult with strong credits and experience. You can visit their website at https:/www.sag.org/home. I also suggest that you call each agent to make sure the address is correct and to ask if they are seeking actors your age RANGE and type. If so, get the person's name that you spoke with and send your submission to their attention. And remember, acting is more than a picture and resume! Study the craft wherever you can; school, a private class etc.. FYI: Kids do NOT have to have professional pictures to submit to agents, they aren't necessary until you audition for Casting Directors and they can can cost upwards of $200 plus the cost of duplicates, be prepared. - A Talent Manager

Hey, thanks so much, you really helped me :)

but do you know any acting agencies in Canada? my dream is to be an actor and a singer, and I'm not gonna give up, but i need an agent, and i live in Toronto Canada.

I'm not really familiar with agents in Canada so you might want to start with contacting the union there and ask them if they have a list of agents or just find out what their protocol is. Here's the link:


Best wishes!

OK, Thanks! I'm gonna try it. Thanks so much :)

You know, since I was a kid I have this dream. I used to sing in front of my grandparents and my aunt, and then they started to invite neighbors and other people, and when I was about 5 or 6 years old I started to love music, then I sang in marriages and stuff... And know, honestly, I think I'm a better actor than singer xD I don't think I'm a really good singer, but I love to act! I just wish I'd live in California or something. I lived in New York, but I never had the opportunity to go to show bizz.... Once again. Thanks so much for the answer. Byee :D