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You'd probably have to contact R.R Donnelly for that, although I don't know if they have back copies. If not, visit the Harold Washington Library. They have old phone books on microfilm. I believe that department is on the 5th floor.

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How do you find peoples phone numbers?

The phone book (Yellow Pages or White Pages depending on the kind of call) You can also got to the White/Yellow Pages website.

Does it cost money to use the yellow pages app on your samsung eternity?

i have a phone with yellow pages app and i have to pay for it.

What is the difference between a white page telephone directory and the yellow pages?

Both white and yellow pages are found in a phone book. The white pages are for personal land line phone numbers. The white pages also include street addresses and the specific region. The yellow pages are used for business listings. The yellow pages include the name, number and address of the business.

Where can I find somebodys phone number?

white pages or yellow pages... i use whitepages.com

How can one get a copy of the Yellow Pages in Canada?

One could get a copy of the Yellow Pages in Canada by obtaining a copy of the phone book. If the phone book is not being distributed in one's area anymore one could contact a friend or relative that may be able to get a phone book. Alternatively, one could go to a local library branch and make photocopies of the Yellow Pages from there. Or one could install the Yellow Pages app from their tablet or smart phone, as well as search the yellow pages online.

Where can one find cell phone white pages?

One can find cell phone white pages from the following sources: Any Who, White Pages, Yellow Pages, PR Log, Sensi, Zimbio, Free Cell Search, White Yellow Pages, Privacy Star.

Find a phone number?

Use a phone book, use the internet and do a search for the white pages (people) or yellow pages (business).

Does the Yellow Pages have a section with zip code maps?

Yes, the Yellow Pages have a section dedicated to zip code listings. Most yellow pages have it conveniently printed on the back cover of the phone book for easier look-up.

How do you find a doctors phone number?

Check The Yellow Pages Of Your Towns Phonebook.

Who do I call to purchase and get a deck awning installed ?

Check the yellow pages of your phone book, or internet yellow pages, under awnings. There are many installers in the Indianapolis area.

Where can one find a phone book online?

You can find a phone book online at the White Pages website. Alternatively, you can also find a phone book online at the official Yellow Pages website.

What part of a phone book gives business numbers?

Yellow pages for commercial numbers and blue pages for government numbers.

Where are the physicians and surgeons listed in the phone book?

The yellow pages will list businesses (white pages list people). If you look through the yellow pages there should be a "doctors" or "medical" section that will list physicians and surgeons.

Who deals with ant infestations?

Call an exterminator, found in the phone book or yellow pages.

Where can I find a company that specializes in complete lawn care?

Grab your phone book and look under "lawn care". They will be in the green pages of the phone book. If your phone book doesn't have green pages, try to yellow pages...but that means the grass will be dying soon.

Has Chris Martin of Coldplay written a song while influenced by a phonebook?

COLDPLAY'S Yellow was inspired by the phone directory Yellow Pages

What phone books offer 800 numbers?

White pages and yellow pages are both phone books that offer 800 numbers. Directory assistance also offers 800 numbers.

Will I be abel to look up my dentists number on the white pages?

The White Pages are typically reserved for residential phone numbers in large cities. Small towns and communities will tend to have their businesses listed in the White Pages. The Yellow Pages will have your Dentists phone number.

How do you look up a residential phone number in Zacatecas Mexico?

yellow pages yes, white pages harder to find. Anyone know?

How do you find personal information on the Web?

well i know u can find phone #s and address on yellow pages or phone book

Where in Tucson can you sell your lc smith rifle?

Gunshops. Check the phone book Yellow Pages.

Where is the best place to get information about adopting a foreign child?

My best advice would be to do a search or to use the phone book. The yellow pages are great. Just look up dry cleaning in the Denver phone book. You can also use the online yellow pages.

How to get into a search phone directory?

Well, I would recommend signing up or registering for a listing on the search phone directory offered by Yellow Pages or White Pages because they offer a variety of services.

What Coldplay song was inspired by a phonebook sitting next to Chris Martin as he wrote?

COLDPLAY'S Yellow was inspired by the phone directory Yellow Pages

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