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Where can you get an ignition switch dash cover for a 2003 Monte Carlo?


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You can get the ignition switch dash cover for the 2003 Monte Carlo at places like Auto Zone. You can also find this item online at AutoSport Catalog or on Ebay.

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You will have to replace the switch that is under the top cover on the steering column, the steering wheel has to come off to get the cover off.

you have to take off the dash cover witch has 5.5 size screws

The PCV valve for a 1998 Monte Carlo should plug into the valve cover. Twist and pull it to remove and replace it.

video to learn how to replace the engine gasket..upper & lower gasket for 1999 Monte Carlo.

look for a oil cap that you take off on the valve cover.

take the cover off and there is two screws, take them out and that's it

The switch is located under the dash by the steering column and brake pedal. You have to remove a cloth like cover on the drivers side under the dash. The switch is a plastic piece with two connectors attached to it. One has 4 wires the other has 2.

The fog lamp cover is custom made. But, you can make one very easily.

In order to replace the ignition switch in a 1997 Honda CR-V, you must first unplug the ignition switch power source. Unscrew the cover panel, remove the bolts holding the switch, and pull the switch out of the column. Replace the old ignition switch with the new ignition switch, return the bolts and screws, and reconnect the power source.

Look on your timing chain cover there should be a diagram attached.

First you will need to remove the steering column cover which will expose the ignition switch. Remove the connector and the three bolts holding it on. Pull the switch out and replace.

Its on the passenger side on the side of the dash.Pop the little cover off and I think it is number37 there is a chart on the fuse cover.

On steering column behind lower cover.

pull the cover off the steering column and there should be a wire connected to the ignition switch. pull it off and put the key in the switch.

Ignition switch removal is not too bad. The plastic cover around the steering column has 3-4 screws in it. They are on the underside facing the floor. Remove these screws and the plastic cover will snap off. That will expose the ignition switch. The switch itself has a couple of screws holding it in place. Remove those screws and unplug it from the wire harness on the back. That's it.

You will have to remove the rear cover. the service plug is midway up on the passenger side.

how to remove cover to replace ignition lock cylinder and what type of tools do i need

look in side the steering columb cover left side

remove steering column cover, disconnect wiring connector from switch, remove retaining screw from back of switch, remove switch. that is not enough

The ignition switch on a 1984 Mercedes Benz 300D is replaced by removing the lower steering column cover and disconnecting the wiring harness. The switch can then be unbolted and a new unit put in place.

On my 2001 Aztek, I could pull the key out when driving. To change the ignition without removing the steering wheel, take the two screws out from underneath the covering behind the wheel. Not the screws on the steering wheel. The cover will lift up but won't come off. Take an Alleen wrench and feel for the hole on top of the ignition (it will be a tight squeeze), and push in. I should also say remove the black or gray cover on the ignition switch (where the key goes in). Once you find the hole and push down on it, the ignition switch will come out.

remove the front cover, disconnect the turn signals wires and the two nuts that whole the gages, then down under the ignition switch and remove the two Allen screws and disconnect the wiring. install your new one ignition switch in reverse to the instructions.

On the passenger side of the dashboard is your Cabin Fuse block , Remove the cover and on the inside , should be a Numeric label of the fuses and there locations

It's a black panel (without a cover) located by your left foot behind the parking brake pedal.

You must first take out two screws under the steering column (directly under steering wheel) then take off the cover, then under the ignition switch there is a small pin, you push that pin in and pull on the ignition switch and it will come out easily. Take note; you must push the pin in and pull on the switch at the same time.

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