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Any General Motors dealership should have PLENTY of these bolts in stock.

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98 lumina engine block coolant flush?

Buy a kit at auto parts comes with adaptors and instructions

Do you need a performance intake kit with 1 PSI super charger system and Would the performance intake kit provide more power with the the 1 PSI super charger system?

No it is not needed, yes usually a performance intake adds power, the real question is why would you run 1psi?

How do you install an intake kit on a 1989 rx7?

take off the stock intake. it should pull right off....slide the new intake pipe in where the old one came off...

Is a rebuild kit for 350 engine same for 2 bolt main as a 4 bolt main?

no cause a 4 bolt main has 2 extra bolts on each main

How do you reattach the rear view mirror on a 1995 Chevy Lumina?

you can buy a repair kit at any parts store. It is very simple to do...

Is there a solution to fixing intake gasket on 97 blaser?

Yes, remove the intake manifold and replace the gasket. It can be done with a basic mechanics tool kit.

How do you repair striped out bolt holes on a 1993 ford escort lx 1.9l valve cover?

Bring the correct bolt with you to an auto parts store and they can supply you with a thread repair kit for that striped out bolt hole. The kit will give you everything you need including directions. You will need to supply a power drill.

Where is the intake manifold gasket kit on a 2000 Isuzu rodeo?

where online can i order it at a cheap price?

Lumina stereo wiring diagram?

You don't really need a radio wiring diagram just go to walmart and get a adapter converter kit for about 14.00 : - )

What is the largest suspension lift kit?

It depends if you want a bolt on kit or a custom kit, the largest bolt on kit is a 24" Full Throttle supension kit for a 99-04 F-250, F-350, and Excursion, you can fit any size tire underneath it. then you have the custom lift kits, the largest recorded on a street legal truck is a 52" lift with 54" boggers. I personally own an Excursion with the 24" lift kit, and I own an 01 dodge 1500 with 14" suspension lift with a custom 4 inch body, sitting on 49 iroks.

Where can you find a v8 vonversion kit for a straight 6 65 nova?

There is no conversion kit made for that, you need to just get a set of V8 motor mounts and bolt them in and then you can drop the V8 in.

How do you install air conditioning coolant refill port located on a 1996 Chevy Lumina?

Buy a kit at Wal-Mart or auto parts store, comes with instructions

How can you fix a stript rocker arm bolt witch you over torque the bolt is fine hole is stript?

I'm not sure exactly what your working on but it sounds like a "heli-coil" would do the trick. Stop in your local auto parts store and ask them for a "heli-coil" kit to repair the size bolt you have. The kit will supply what is necessary to repair the threaded hole back to original.

How do you install a cold air intake for a 1998 Pontiac sunfire gt?

I guess you're asking about an after market intake? It should be easy. 1. Go to parts store...buy appropriate intake kit. 2. Follow manufacturers installation instructions

How do you take a stripped bolt off a brake caliper?

If the head is striped and a socket or wrench will no longer grip the bolt you can get a set of bolt extractors at any local auto parts store...they will dig into the bolt head so you can remove it...just make sure to get a new bolt or brake hardware kit while your at the parts store.

Is there a Rack and pinion steering conversion for a 61 Ford Galaxy?

Yes, there is a kit made by Wurth It Designs for 57-64 Ford Galaxie's. This kit is a direct bolt in and requires no cutting, welding, or fabrication.

Can you put a cold air intake on a 1995 se grand prix?

There are 2 yas to put a cold air intake on it is to cut out a hole big enough behind the driver side head lights to fit it in there. The next way " more expensive " is to buy a hood or put vents in the stock hood and run that way. The easiest bolt on air performance upgrade is a air ram kit which is simply an open type filter like a cold air intake but not able to get fresh air.

How can you make your motorcycle faster?

intake exhaust cams valve timing stroker kit lower gearing sort of a general question....

What kind of rebuilt kit do you need for a Chevy 350 4 bolt main engine?

It depends on what needs to be replaced. A rebuild kit can consist of rings, bearings, and gaskets, but can also be ordered with everything but the block and heads.

Is their an adaptor kit to let an 81' ford 4 speed bolt up to a Chevy 350 4 bolt main?

You need a bellhousing that mates your engine and transmission. Check with Summit or Jeg's for your application.

If the AC on my 98 Lumina is not blowing cold air but the fan pump is engaging what could be wrong?

umm recharge your ac compresser u can buy the kit at wallmart for like 30 bucks

How do you make the 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier z24 dohc faster for cheap?

You could simply install headers, a cold air intake, and exhaust system, but even that costs several hundred dollars. If you want a whole lot of power on demand, you could also install a nitrous-oxide kit. They practically bolt right in.

How would you hook up a cold air intake systm on a 1987 crown vic?

I found a Cold Air Intake kit at Advance Auto....however it only fits up to 4" intake piping.If the intake on the Vic is 4" it will work.Id recommend getting a 4" HIGH FLOW filter from K&N....make sure you get a high flow filter....a 4" Filter isn't very big for a 302....unless you can find a larger filter, with a 4" inlet that will fit....If not the 4" HIGH FLOW from K&N should work just fine...but,the intake kit i found was $100+, and the filter was $50so its gonna cost you.but nobody makes one, so the Universal kit at Advance Auto, is your best, if not, only bet.

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