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The best place I've found for these specs are in the manual put out by MOTOR. Great set of manuals. You can find specification in a HAYNES manual as well. You can order a manual for this car at either website. You may even be able to get your local car care associates ie. O'reilly, Autozone, Advance, NAPA to order you a manual. Check your local library for the manual as well. I've used many a manual from the local library to fix a vehicle when in need of a specification. Check for vacuum leaks from vacuum hoses before making any adjustments. Without knowing what specifications you need I'm guessing. Are you are wanting to adjust the needle valve adjustments? Float Adjustment? Needle valve adjustments are Low speed and High speed adjustment. ONe is for Low speed and will affect how the car idles and the other will affect Higher speeds. I've always adjust the low speed side by turning it in till it is hand tight, don't wrench on it or you can destroy the seats. Turn it back out till it's about 2 1/2 turns out, start the car then adjust it till the engine idles without rocking back and forth. For the high speed adjustment I always tighten it hand tight then back it out about 2 1/2 turns and adjust until when I accelerate the engine it accelerates without hesitation from low side to high side. This will get you in a ball park setting. Check for vacuum leaks while you are in there and replace any hoses that are more than 3-5 years old. Most vacuum hoses can be had cheap and cause a lot of retuning for no reason if you have leaks. For the float valve, I've always removed the seat that the float is valve is using and cleaned the screen first. Then I adjust the float so that it will shut off before the top of the float is 1/8 inch from the top of the float bowl. It has worked for me in almost evey carb I've rebuilt. I hope this is helpful.

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Q: Where can you get carb adjustment specs for a 1966 Ford Ranchero 289 motor Ford Co 2 barrel?
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