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Where can you get cheat codes for the Eon Ticket in Pokemon Ruby?

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You have to buy it at argos or any game shop the i think you have to codes for it *If you have a cheating device such as a GameShark you can look for cheat codes on

2006-12-26 15:51:01
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Where can you get codes for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby?

type what you want into Google - like a cheat for Pokemon ruby games

What is the gameshark cheat to make all Pokemon shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby?

go to game shark codes for Pokemon ruby and then it will tell you all the game shark codes Peace

What cheat codes are there for Pokemon ruby destiny rein of legends?

Who cares Pokemon is for nerds!

How can you get 99 master balls in Pokemon ruby?

cheat codes or gameshark

Where can you get gameshark cheat codes for Pokemon Ruby Destiny Rescue Ranger?

use Pokemon ruby cheats-they work, SERIOUSLY!

What is the cheat for master balls for Pokemon light platinum?

i know this the CODES ARE from Ruby u must go check pokemon ruby codes and master ball becoz the creater started creating with pokemon ruby game

Is there a cheat code for getting aurora ticket in Pokemon Ruby?

go to www.pokemonruby/ for some cool codes. [p.s] the only way to get an aurora ticket in Pokemon ruby is to either use an action replay or a gameshark. you cannot trade it from firered/leafgreen because it is a key item.

Can you get Dialga on Pokemon Ruby?

no sorry you can use cheat codes to get him but he is awesome though

How do you duplicate Pokemon in ruby?

You can't :'(...Tried as I have to locate a Ruby cloning cheat, all I have found is useless, fake codes and the Emerald cloning cheat. Sorry :(

Where is the mew cheat for Pokemon Ruby on computer?

there no cheat to catch mew in pokemon ruby

Cheat codes for Pokemon ruby on VBA?

i know the master its: BB 0C2FFAD24902D2 name it mustbeon and that will let you use other codes

What do you press to enter cheat codes on Pokemon ruby destiny?

action replay 8-) by: stupid man

What are codes for Pokemon ruby destiny reign of legends for nogba?

you can have the all pokeballs cheat 42025d34 0001

How do you get the Mystery Ticket in Pokemon Ruby?

you have to mix records with sapphire/ruby and then you get the ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the cheat to get 99 rarecandies in Pokemon ruby?

no cheat.

What is the cheat to get kyogre in Pokemon Ruby?

There is no cheat to obtain Kyogre in Pokemon Ruby. To obtain Kyogre and Pokemon Ruby, one must trade with a trainer that has obtained Kyogre in Pokemon Sapphire or Emerald.

How do you get every Pokemon?

To get all 386 Pokemon is by trading Pokemon from these games: Ruby, Sapphire, Colloseum, Firered, Leafgreen and Emerald and special downlaods such as the aroura ticket or the mistic ticket. Use an action replay.(if you want to cheat)

How do you get the eo ticket in Pokemon Ruby?

you got the eon ticket on Pokemon ruby by at the Pokemon center in mauville city you get it by doing that trading info thing.

Aurora ticket in Pokemon Ruby?

== == ---- == ==

Where do you get Pokemon ruby cheats codes?

Type Pokemon Ruby and then type CCG.

Ruby version cheat codes?

There are no real "cheat codes" for the Pokemon games. There are glitches and such but the only useful one i know of is cloneing, but that is only accessible on emerald and the older games (silver and gold) that i know of.

Pokemon platinum gba version cheat?

Use Pokemon Ruby USA version gameshark codes.I tried them and they worked.Here's the link :

How do you get all Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby?

Here is one thing. You can catch them in certain areas or find a friend who has Pokemon Leafgreen, Firered, Sapphire, Emerald, or someone who also has Ruby that can trade you some of those Pokemon if they have it. Another thing is buying a cheat. The cheat for the GBA will have codes to get any item or Pokemon avalible in the game.

What is the cheat that make your Pokemon 100level in Pokemon ruby?

you need the rare candy cheat

What is the cheat codes for Pokemon Ruby and sapphire?

Well to get some cheat codes for Pokemon ruby or sapphire, you will need to buy a cheating device such as Xploder GBA + Sp(not recommended), Action Replay Ultimate Codes(Recommended) or Gameshark Sp(ok, has alot of useful codes). These may be purchased on an internet website, eBay is best. Once you have one of them, seach in Google. I highly recommended NOT to get Xploder GBA + SP as there are not many codes.