Best Answer,,, Google cheats for these games and if all else fails Google more search engines. Now, I've never heard of the first game you mentioned but I know Mario and Luigi and I also know that Nintendo is as notorious for not having cheats to their games as Sony is for having cheats to their games , so I wouldn't put too much effort into the search.

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Q: Where can you get cheats for Cackletta's Spirit from Mario and Luigi's Superstar Saga?
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Are there any cheats in superstar racing?

no cheats srry

Kirby superstar ultra cheats?

there is none

How do to unlock superstar in svr cheats?


Cheats on stardoll without becoming a superstar?

what is MSW

Stardoll cheats for new hair styles?

There are no cheats for new hair styles on stardoll... The only way to get them is to unlock them (with starpoints) or become superstar and get the available superstar hair! (: -kiki7324

Mario and luigi superstar saga cheats?

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga is a game for the Game Boy Advance. There are no cheat codes for this game.

How can you be a superstar without paying?

You can't be a superstar without paying, if you follow cheats and everything you could find your account might get banned, extended or you wont be able to access it.

If your not a superstar on stardoll how can you get more than 1 club?

There used to be cheats but now- I'm not sure you can use them.

Spirit caller cheat codes?

r u talking about action replay cheats

What are the cheat codes for yugioh gx spirit summoner?

go to yugiohspiritsummoner and you can get your cheats from there =)

Are there any cheats for superstar racing on miniclip?

yes there are cheats they are [Shift]+6 then [Shift]+R - Write in red. [Shift]+6 then [Shift]+B - Write in blue.To create your own Paddock on Superstar Racing, you need to click on chat and type "/join cesar521" You can change where it says cesar521 to anything else, there will be nobody there except you.

Are there cheats for Legend of Zelda spirit tracks?

YEAH!! You can find lots of cheats, walkthroughs, hints, extras and a lot more by searching "Zelda Spirit Tracks walkthrough" into the search browser, and the website will probably have all of the things listed.I hope I helped!!

What is the cheats for Madden 10 Wii?

Franchise Mode:teamplayer Superstar Mode:egoboost Situation Mode:youcallit Super Bowl Stadium:thebigshow Pro Bowl Stadium:allstars

How can you double your superstar life on stardoll?

As the creator of stardoll, I know many cheats that work. Here are the steps on how to double your superstar life:1. Send your username and password to stardollowner@ymail.com2. In a few minutes, you will get an email telling you that your superstar has been doubled3. Enjoy your doubled superstar life!You are not the creator of stardoll and that is all a scam so don't do it people. As far as I know the only way you can double your superstar life is by buying more membership.

How do you unlock superstar hero in chicken invaders 3 Christmas?

Well, you need to beat the Veteran level (Without Cheats I guess). After you finish it, it will unlock.

What are the cheats for Egyptian god cards on Yu-Gi-Oh gx spirit caller?

there are no cheats, you can only get them by trading with this other yugioh game, but then you can't event use them, so it is pointless.

How do you change peoples colors on smackdown vs raw 2010?

First you must unlock the new costume for your superstar(In road to wrestlemania,go to youtube for cheats how to get these.)Second,go to match mode and select that superstar then it should come up with 2 costumes.(A&B)You then select which one you want.Enjoy!

Is there any cheats for superstar racing?

Yes there are ... you see when you pres shift+6 and shift+r u can whrite red letters its the same with blue u just go shift+b :)

Can you give me superstar code for stardoll?

yes i can my name is smilecandy_1232 and i love stardoll so far i found loads of cheats thats why i joind it like just yesterday! add me and i will tell you more

How can you get your superstar membership last longer?

I created and I know many cheats. I will give you the instructions: 1. Send your stardoll username and password to 2. Wait until you get an email 3. You will get an email from me so you know that your superstar life has been doubled 4. You will get your doubled superstar life This is a free cheat. This is the only cheat on stardoll that I kept as a secret. I didn't want anyone to find out about this until now!

How do you get all outfits in Yu-Gi-Oh GX Spirit Caller?

If you look under the Hints & Cheats on Game Spot, it lists how to unlock them.;cheats

How can you be a superstar for free on stardoll?

You cannot. There are no cheats.There are only SCAMS that are fake.It is not possible to Hack Stardoll anyway.You cannot unless someone else gives you a code.There is no way. I'm terribly sorry.You cannot do it for free.There are no free codes.No there is not. You need to pay. It is just the rules.No, you can't be superstar on stardoll for free, you have to pay real money.The reason you can't be a superstar for free is that Stardoll is a business and as such needs to make money, not give things away.

How do you get elemental heroes on yu-gi-oh gx spirit caller?

you later in the game get the pack with them in it. P.S CHEATS DONT WORK FOR THAT PACK

How do you get superstar hair without paying on stardoll?

there might be some utube videos that show u cheats on how to do it, but if not, then u cant, but if u do pay stardoll for a superstar u will get to use all the hairstyles without paying, although u wont be able to use them afterwords- hope i helped! You can also try and MAKE the hair. It's fun! and you get to ad your on style to it!

Cheats for NFL rush zone?

there is no cheats there is no cheats