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I just signed my father up for the dental plan through AARP. It's ~ $550 a year for insurance coverage but it's a good plan. AARP is good. Also, many of the companies that offer Medicare Supplements also offer Senior Dental Plans. Here in California Blue Cross has a good plan. To find companies in your state that provide dental insurance or dental discount plans, go to the National Association of Dental Plans site ( which has a directory of companies that offer dental insurance. The directory can be searched by state and you can select "individual" and get the list of just those companies that provide individual dental insurance in your state. The listing also tells you if the company provides dental HMO, dental PPO, dental indemnity (traditional insurance without a network) or a discount plan (not insurance but a discount off the dentist's fees who are part of the discount network).

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Q: Where can you get dental insurance for an elderly person?
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A dental bur isn't going to affect an elderly person in any different way than a younger person, provided their teeth are in good condition.

How much does Elderly Insurance cost?

Elderly Insurance is usually more expensive than the average insurance for a healthy and young person. Some insurance costs as little as $0.35 a day but it can vary.

What agencies is health insurance program for most elderly person?

Medicare :)

Not looking for dental insurance but dental care for persons with no money who are elderly and need dental care?

NHS would be your best bet Ask for a HC form- you may be entitled to reduced treatment or free treatment.

Can a person without insurance get emergency dental care?

No, you will have to pay out of pocket

What is the name of the U.S health insurance program available to elderly person?


How expensive is elderly life insurance?

If an elderly person decides to begin buying life insurance, it will cost much more on average than for a young person. This is because elderly people are more likely to die, either by accident or from natural causes, and the insurance company will not want to offer cheap insurance to someone who pays them little before requiring it.

Which companies offer dental insurance for seniors?

Some of the companies that offer dental insurance for seniors are Delta Dental Insurance company, Humana Dental Insurance company and Denali Dental Insurance company. There are different dental insurance plans for seniors.

Is orthodontics insurance the same as dental insurance?

With dental insurance you can get certain amount of dental care along with the orthodontic care. Dental insurance offers you facilities just like a health insurance. While taking the dental care a person also make necessary researches if his dental plan covers the orthodontic insurance. Whereas orthodontic dental insurance includes a large variety of other expenses, too. As for example if you require braces orthodontic insurance will help in covering the expenses too. It will help in covering the expenses incurred in braces adjustments and other routine check-ups too.

Why does dental insurance not cover antibiotics?

I have medical and dental insurance, but I do not have rx insurance. If you don't have rx insurance you have to pay for all your medicines. I haven't seen where dental insurance pays for medicines. Usually only rx insurance will

Where can I get travel insurance for elderly people?

Travel insurance for elderly people is offered by multiple insurance companies most famously AARP offers good insurance for elderly also other insurance companies like sunlife.

Where can I get elderly travel insurance?

There are a lot of places that offer elderly travel insurance. One place that you can get the travel insurance is at

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