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Your county courthouse.

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Q: Where can you get emancipation papers at?
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Where can you get an emancipation form?

you can get emancipation papers in an office supply store like office max . they are usually called divorce papers

Does OK have emancipation papers?

EveRy state has ep just go to your local court house and tell them you would like some emancipation papers

What do you do when you had already paid for emancipation papers an not received them?

You paid for emancipation papers at the court house? Visit the courthouse and find out. If you paid someone else for the papers, I'd talk to them, as it isn't typically done that way, unless you pay a lawyer.

Where can you get emancipation papers at in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma does not have an emancipation statute. You will have to wait until you become an adult. If you are not safe contact your local social services to get help.

Where do I go to get the eminapation papers?

do you mean emancipation papers for that you go to court but the judge is going to tell you to get counceling and go back to school.

What papers do people need to move out at age 18?

You need to get an emancipation document.

Where do you find emancipation papers in Flagstaff Arizona?

There are none. Arizona does not have a law for the emancipation of minors, which means you have to wait until you reach the age of majority, which is 18.

Where can you obtain emancipation papers in Mississippi?

{| |- | There is no emancipation statute in Mississippi. If you are in need of help, contact the local social services office. They will ensure you are taken care of. |}

Where can you obtain emancipation papers?

In states that allow emancipation of minors information and forms can be obtained from the office of the clerk of the probate court in the minor's county of residence.

Can you file emancipation papers in Indiana yourself?

{| |- | There is nothing to file as Indiana does not have an emancipation statute. The age of majority is 18. At that point the parents are no longer responsible for the child. |}

Where can you get free emancipation papers in I Idaho?

There is no place as Idaho is one of the 15 states without emancipation. You will have to wait until you are an adult. If you are not safe, contact social services for assistance.

Where do you pick up emancipation papers?

Your local court house is the place to obtain the papers. They will be able to provide the necessary forms. They will also help you get a court date for the hearing.

What papers are needed to declare legal emancipation at the age of 22?

There are none. Once you have reached the age of majority, there is no need for emancipation. A few state have it set at 21, but most are 18 years of age.

Where can you file papers for emancipation of your 18 year old?

That depends on the state you are in. In most of the states, the child reaches the age of majority at 18, so there is no need to file emancipation papers. For those where the age is 19 or 21, you file them at the local court house. They can help you get the proper forms and set up the court appearance.

How can you get the papers to get emancipated in Louisiana?

You need to check to see if Louisiana recognizes emancipation of minors before you start looking for paperwork. Yes Louisiana does recognize emancipation of minors because i am being emancipated right now.

What if you parents are not willing to sign papers of emancipation?

You petition the court if you are allowed to by the state's statutes. The Court will take the parents' desires into consideration, but it is not a given.

Can a 17 years old join the military?

If you have a high school diploma, yes you can. The parent will have to sign papers for emancipation, since you are still a minor.

Where can a 17-year old get emancipation papers online?

First of all, the minor needs to live in a state that has emancipation statutes that would allow them to apply. The States' laws, available on the state government web site, will provide the basic information necessary to file for emancipation, and define the correct format for the petition or the forms that must be used.

What if you parents are willing to sign papers of emancipation?

First of all, you have to live in a state that allows emancipation. If you do, and your parents are willing to sign, you need to petition the court using the forms prescribed for your state. The state government website will have the laws which will tell you what must be done and what the requirements are.

Sixteen Year Old with Child Emancipated in the State of Missouri?

No, you are a minor that has a child. Emancipation comes at 18 or when you file papers with the family court and go before a judge. In that case you have to prove you can support yourself ( and baby) and that you hold a job. The judge decides if there is emancipation.

Which would be better you becoming a legal guardian of a 17 yr old or him filing emancipation papers?

It depends how much money you want to spend. Emancipation is a long drawn out legal process that requires court fees and appearances. Legal guardianship is similar but not as intensive.

How can you find out if a minor has been emancipated?

{| |- | Ask for a copy of their emancipation papers. If they are going to sign a contract, they should be able to produce them. Without the court order, they are not emancipated. |}

What did the emancipation?

There are many things that an emancipation could be referring to. The emancipation could be referring to the Emancipation Proclamation.

Does your mom still have to sign your emancipation papers if you are 2 months pregnant and you are 16?

Yes. The fact that you got pregnant is not a good sign for emancipation. The court may not believe that you are responsible enough act or be treated as an adult, and may decide that your parents still need to be financially responsible for you.

Can you get emancipation papers online?

You have to check the laws for your state to see if they even have emancipation. The format is usually specified in the statute.That will depend on the jurisdiction. Many states and counties have web sites with forms available. Check your county website for forms that are available. They can also help you get a court date for the hearing.

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