Where can you get financial assistance for an apartment?

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[From Administration for Children and Families] The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)visit HUD online for information on how to apply for government assistance. And in some States and communities, the State or local welfare office may also provide assistance to address housing needs. To locate your local welfare office see addresses at State Human Services Administrators on the website of the Dept. of Health and Human Services.
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How you get student loans or financial aid if you are dependent on your parents but will not receive financial assistance from them?

The majority of students are still considered dependents by their parents. That does not affect your chances of getting financial help. The income and expenses of your family will play a factor on whether you qualify for loans, grants or scholarships. And of course your academic history and other fa ( Full Answer )

What are financial assistance letters?

Answer . \nA financial assistance is a letter that you as the person requiring assistance may indeed need to write. For Example if you need money,food, electricity to remain on this is what it will Compose of. Now if you are a student in regards of school it something totally different.

Financial assistance letters?

The financial assistance letters refer to letters written to helpan individual or an organization access finance.

Is there financial assistance for vision care?

Here are some sites that might be of assistance in applying for financial assistance with vision care:. http://www.nei.nih.gov/health/financialaid.asp . http://www.preventblindness.org

Does Oxford University give financial assistance?

Oxford University gives generous financial assistance, but that is if one is a British citizen. However, there are many scholarships available for international students.

How would i write a financial assistance letter?

To write a financial assistance letter, a person would need to start off determining what the purpose of the financial assistance need may be. These types of letters are usually written to a college in regards to financial assistance for tuition or to banks and lenders for financial assistance with ( Full Answer )

How do you write a letter requesting financial assistance?

It is actually very simple to write a letter requesting financialassistance. You should make sure your application for assistance isattached and be completely honest in your letter and be specific asto why you feel you need the assistance.

Have Jon and Kate Gosselin received financial assistance?

Yes, during the first couple of years after having the sextuplets the Gosselins received aid to help care for their children, heating assitance, and donations from various businesses and private individuals.

What should a letter of financial assistance from a lender or mortgagor include?

Are you asking as a lender providing the letter (to qualify for) or is the mortgagor sending a letter seeking relief? . Am I the only one missing this Q? www.borrowerhotline.com is a Anti-Foreclosure auditing firm [not available to public ]...their site gives away a lot of secret insider info lik ( Full Answer )

Financial assistance letter sample?

Financial assistance letters are a way to reach out to anindividual or group looking for a monetary award. Samples ofletters can be found over the Internet.

What does a Financial Assistant do?

A "financial assistant" can mean various things depending on who you ask. I'm assuming you're referring to an assistant you would hire for your small business as opposed to an investor or financial advisor.. Therefore, with these assumptions in place, it's safe to say that a financial assistant is ( Full Answer )

What is financial assistance?

help given by a school to any person who needs it. It can be straight up money, or through student loans.

Is there any financial assistance available for this transdermal patch?

Yes - if you request that your doctor enter "Brand Name Only" on your prescription, and ask him to prescribe Duragesic rather than generics, Duragesic boxes come with a $50 coupon that you can use at your pharmacy. You can also download them from their site. It's enough for me as it pays my copay ( Full Answer )

Can you receive financial assistance for your child while his father is incarcerated?

yes you can get assistance if your sons father is incarcerated. i did my daughter will be 4 soon and her dad just got out a year ago and i have received it since she was born. they will try to make someone pay it back eventually usally it is the noncustodial parent that has to pay it back if they do ( Full Answer )

How much does a assistant financial associate make?

It depends on how big of a financial advisor you work for and whether or not you are Series 7 licensed. I work for an advisor who makes 7 figures before taxes and I am not Series 7 licensed but I make about 40k salary.

Financial assistance to setup a small scale business?

If you are looking for financial assistance to setup and start asmall scale business, you should consider getting a business loan.You may also consider borrowing money from family.

Sample letter to school for financial assistance?

In a letter to a school for financial assistance, a student shouldstate his or her reasons for needing financial aid, as well as hisor her specific need. This sort of letter should be written withprofessional language.

I need help writing a letter for financial assistance with my mortgage?

This can not be answered in specific without knowing who the letter is going to, what assistance you're looking for, and why you need it. If you're writing your lender, just remember that they will be making a business decision, so whatever you ask for it must: . Be within the recipients power to ( Full Answer )

Where do you get financial assistance for elderly care?

Medicare and Medicaid are probably the biggest sources of funding for elderly care, but coverage varies from state to state. For other resources on how to find financial assistance, please read the article in the related links.

Do foster parents receive financial assistance?

They get money that covers the expenses for the child. Being a foster parent is not a job, it's you welcoming another child in your family until they leave or become adults.

Does the state assist financially for the emancipated child?

If you mean after turning 18, no. Some states and some support agreements last after 18 or until school is over. If you mean by getting emancipated by the courts before you are 18, one of the requirements you have to fill to be emancipated is to be able to support yourself with a job and a place to ( Full Answer )

Is there financial assistance for teen weight loss surgery?

Most cosmetic surgery companies providing weight loss surgery offer finance facilities to their Patients. However you must be at least 18 years to be accepted as Patient in most cases. A number of weight loss operations such as gastric band and gastric bypass are done on the National Health Ser ( Full Answer )

Can you finish your BA without financial aid assistance?

That would depend on how much money you have saved up and if you are working during college or not, and also if you want to finish within the traditional 4 years. Some people do still manage it without financial aid. Many do not.

How do you write a letter for financial assistance to PCSO chairman?

You would write a litter for financial assistance to the PCSO chairman much as you would write a letter for financial assistance from anyone else. You would need to tell them why you need the assistance and whether or not you would be willing to pay this money back.

How does one qualify for financial assistance at Kaplan College?

One would have to go down to the financial assistance office at Kaplan College and speak to someone about how to apply for financial assistance. Usually there is a person to help walk through the application with, in case there are questions. Normally one with low funds and no job will be more likel ( Full Answer )

What is the role of a trading assistant job with a financial institution?

A trading assistant works under the supervision of a head trader. The responsibilities of a trading assistant include ensuring that a business enterprise or a financial institution receives correct bond transactions or security prices in stock and applying mathematical acumen for the assessment of p ( Full Answer )

Is don berlusconi financially assisting singer dionne warwick?

through our research and connections we have determined thatwealthy Italian businessman don Berlusconi who is the son of megarich former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, has come tosinger Dionne warwick rescue financially. recently warwick wasforced into bankruptcy in new jersey with debt o ( Full Answer )