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There are legal counselors available on certain days at the public libraries. Sometimes they will go as far as to file your papers in court for you for a small fee. Other then the public library I think you could find out alot of information right here on the internet.

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2006-04-11 09:38:12
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2009-01-28 16:24:37

Generally law firms will receive you and your questions for an hour of initial consultation at no charge. Check the yellow pages and phone a few to see their policies. Also, in many states and provinces, Legal Aid is available at no charge. It will also assist you without much if any cost. Again, check for Legal Aid in the white pages of the phone book to see if available in your area. Most urban areas would have such a service available.

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Q: Where can you get free legal advice?
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When was Free Legal Advice Centres created?

Free Legal Advice Centres was created in 1969-04.

Can you get free legal advice on the internet?

Yes, there are actually about a dozen reputable forums where you can get free legal advice from real attorneys

Where can one find free legal advice online?

Free legal advice online can be found on the Legal Advice section of the Gov UK website. There are also independent sites such as Free Advice, Lay Help and Legal Guru, however one should always check this advice to ensure it is up-to-date.

Where can you get free legal advice on the web?

Are there any 247 hour online free legal advice platform?

Yes. You need to perform an online search for free online legal advice offered 24/7. Your search will reveal numerous links that you can investigate. However, keep in mind that the websites may not provide detailed legal advice for your particular jurisdiction for free.

Is there anywhere I can get free legal advice online to discuss my court case?

There are several websites that offer free legal advice. One of these websites is

What web sites offer free legal advice?,, these sites provide free law advice, depending of what kind of legal advice you want, hope you get all the advice you need, good luck.

How can you get legal advice?

Your state bar referral service can give you names for free or low cost legal advice.

Where can one go to find attorney advice for free?

Free legal advice is available through online services such as Legal Aid, World Law Direct and Free Advice. The Yellow pages is another good resource for finding free legal advice, with many law offices having a 24 hour question line.

Where can I get free legal advice?

There is very little of anything for free. Many lawyers give out very limited advice, though they do this for free. Make sure you don't sign anything, and you understand the terms for obtaining the advice for "free".

Do any law firms offer free legal advice?

Yes, there are many law firms that offer free legal advice. Checking your local phone directory, looking in loca newspapers, and checking with the local library can give you names and numbers of law firms which offer free legal advice.

Where can I find free lawyers online?

For free legal advice you should try

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