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Tough love method: call the police and have him arrested if you find pot in his possession/belongings. Jail might scare him straight. He needs some authority that he cannot ignore = cops. You need to do something drastic now before it gets worse and he commits a crime. Get him therapy, it is possible that he smokes pot and skips school because he is escaping his problems. Another thing I have heard about: send him to brat camp. It is effective and probably expensive, but how much is a straightened out teen worth? * Websites that offer coping skills, counseling services and links to organizations throughout the U.S.,, 1-800-778-9077, Youth Crisis Hotline, 1-800-448-4663.

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Q: Where can you get help for your 15-year-old son who is out of control and has been smoking pot and skipping school and has no respect for authority and will not obey you?
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