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Age 2 is way too young to determine if a child is really ADD or ADHD. The testing required for that is only reliable on a child age 6 and older. Please wait until your child has had at least one year of school (Kindergarten not preschool) to have him/her tested.

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Q: Where can you get help if your 2-year-old is showing signs of ADHD?
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How to tell if your child is exhibiting ADHD symptoms.?

how do I tell if my child is showing signs of ADHD at 5years old would help if you can show me some answers

What supplements help manage ADHD symptoms?

Ritalin is a good supplement for ADHD. It is actually effective. Also, recent studies are showing that a healthy diet can also help control ADHD symptoms.

Where can you find research showing that caffeine may help a child with ADHD?

* The article linked to the right, "The caffeine controversy

Is there a natural supplements to help with ADHD?

There many supplements you can get for people that have ADHD. Supplements like zinc, fish oil, and melatonin can help with people diagnosed with adhd.

Are there programs to help with adhd treatment for minors?

Yes there are several programs and support groups available to help with adhd.

How do you hurt a boy with ADHD?

you dont they have adhd they cant help being like that

Can fluoxetine help treat ADHD?

SSRIs such as Prozac are antidepressants and may also be prescribed along with an ADHD medicine to help believe symptoms of both meaning depression and ADHD. So no Prozac is not prescribed for ADHD specifically which I can say I have ADHD and I have been on Prozac by itself and it didn't help with my ADHD at all.

Will ADHD medication help a child without ADHD?

probly but they might be overly focused

Can hypnosis help ADHD?

yes and no

Will citalopram help treat ADHD?

Citalopram, or Celexa, is a depression medication. It would help if the ADHD person also suffers from depression.

Can chocolate help treat ADHD?

There is no evidence supporting that chocolate in any form can help with ADHD symptoms. See related links.

Can giving a child with ADHD cola help?

Yes and no. For me (I'm ADHD) it does, some it makes hyper.

Where can I find more information on adhd supplements ?

There are some adhd supplements that actually do help. There are a lot of natural vitamins and supplements you can get.���add-adhd/guide/���vitamins-supplements-adhd

Does Adderall help study?

Adderall can help you to focus better if you are ADHD, which will help you to study better.If you are not ADHD and do not have a legal prescription, there's no way to know what effect Adderall will have on you.

Do children grow out of ADHD or should they receive treatment?

The fact is no. Most kids will not grow out of ADHD but, You can get help with it at a younger age it will help with the rest of there life.

Is there a website that offers more information on the ADHD diet for children?

You can go to this website to find diets for an ADHD child that will help them deal with the condition: to find information on ADHD diets

Is there a nutrition plan for children with ADHD?

Yes, there is actually certain foods that your son can eat that will help his adhd symptoms. The internet is a great resource for these diet plans.

Can vitamins for adhd alleviate this condition?

There are vitamins and foods that can help decrease ADHD symptoms. Zinc and Fish Oil are two of them. You can get information on dosing at

Concerta and alcohol?

how does concerta help kids with ADHD

Can fish oil help someone with ADHD?

No! But concerta will.

Why is Adderall prescribed to people?

To help with their ADD/ADHD

Can people help having ADHD?

As a matter of fact, no

How can you cure ADHD?

you cant fully BUT you can eat more vegetables and that can help but isnt a miracle cure

Does Seroquel help ADHD?

Seroquel is an anti-psychotic used mainly in the treatment of bipolar disorder. If an ADHD individual is suffering from bipolar mania, this will help them stay more even throughout the period indirectly helping their ADHD (by lessening the symptoms of bipolar). Seroquel is not used for ADHD; it is used to treat bipolar disorders.

How do you help ADHD students find the concentration to study?

I have found a website where there are good self help techniques for ADHD students. I have given a link to the website in Related links below There are various methods to help ADHD students concentrate on their studies. The best technique is listening to calming music especially designed to help ADHD students. This calming music consist of scientific sound therapy techniques which actually addresses the brainwave imbalances associated with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).