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The other poster is correct, but most Insurance companies will give you Home Insurance. By having alarm systems, smoke alarms, etc., you get a better rate on your insurance. I have smoke alarms, but dogs, so don't bother with alarm systems. The thieves these days have it down to a fine art and are in and out of your house before the police get there anyway. I live in British Columbia, Canada and many of my friends say that their alarm systems can go off because they are so sensaiive and are a big pain in the butt. Everytime the police have to come to your home and it's a false alarm you are now charged. AAA is a good place to go as the former poster said. AAA,(or triple A) Its not just for autos. I had it through Farm Bureau for many years of raising Great Pyrenees. The trick to this is to put a few signs up around your proprerty saying "Guard Dog on Duty". This sign says you're paying that dog to bite you if you are stupid. The "Beware of Dog" sign merely says you have an uncontrolled dog that you don't know what they will do. There is a big difference and if your insurance company gives you any static ask for a discount for having a burglary alarm as well as a fire/smoke alarm in this 4 legged form. I've never had a problem getting home owners insurance with these "Guard Dog on Duty" signs up.

We had difficulty getting insurance because we had Rottweilers. Granted, our dogs are family pets, not guard dogs, but we were able to get insurance through Liberty Mutual. I don't even know if they inquired about our dogs. I do know that some of the other insurance companies won't even touch you if you're dogs are "on the list". We also had to get a letter from our vet stating that our dogs were very well tempered and show obedience training documents. Most insurance companies will see the dogs as a liability, you're better off stating that they are pets, not guard dogs. Hope this helps.

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2008-08-27 08:01:06
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Q: Where can you get homeowners insurance if you have a large dog for home protection?
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