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In Hominy.

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What do maize soul food breakfast porridge hominy have in common?


Where can you buy seriously oaty porridge?

you can buy home porridge oats. banana . plantain hominy corn and rice porride at 133 bank street Caribbean sizzler Ontario Canada in Ottawa,

Where is cereal originally from?

Hi, whoever you are. Cereal is grains, different grains such as wheat, corn, etc.... combined together to get your corn flakes, Cornmeal porridge, Hominy Corn Porridge,etc... So to answer question Cereal is originally from wheat grains and corn.

Can you freeze canned hominy?

can I freeze canned hominy

Where is the Hominy Public Library in Hominy located?

The address of the Hominy Public Library is: 121 West Main, Hominy, 74035 1031

Where is hominy grown?

Since hominy is just processed corn, you can say that hominy is grown everywhere that corn is grown.

What is the phone number of the Hominy Public Library in Hominy?

The phone number of the Hominy Public Library is: 918-885-4486.

What was some of the foods in Jamestown in the 1607?

very gross, they had hominy and peas porridge in bad times and in good they had chicken stew with corn and animal fat, everyone had wine in good times and boiled water in bad.

Can soup made with hominy be frozen?

Yes, you can safely freeze soup with hominy in it.

Can dogs eat hominy?

No they can't digest corn therefore they can't process hominy

When was Hominy Hill Golf Course created?

Hominy Hill Golf Course was created in 1964.

How do you translate hominy in spanish?

Any of the following are acceptable and understood as 'hominy.' maíz blanco pozole blanco maíz pozolero mote blanco maíz Amarillo (this is yellow hominy)

Is hominy a bean or vegetable?

Hominy is neither a bean nor a vegetable, it is made from corn and is, therefore, a grain.

What is hominy made from?


Can you freeze hominy?


What do southerners call ground hominy without the germ?

Ground hominy without the germ is called "grits" and it is delicious.

What is the main ingredient in hominy?


What is corn with the germ removed?


Is hominy acid or alkaline?


Does hominy contain gluten?


Where is the Drummond House in Hominy Oklahoma located?

The address of the Drummond House is: 305 N Price Ave, Hominy, OK 74035

When was porridge invented?

Porridge was invented in 1893

What the correct spelling for the word porridge?


Which are better for you poached eggs or porridge?


How do you use the word porridge in a question?

(Some possible questions:) Do you like porridge? How long will porridge stay warm on a cold table?