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I thought I could refinish my Stevens Arms Company Crackshot 26 Long Rifle, but was advised to take it to a reputable gunsmith for professional refinishing. I've never regretted it. Gunsmiths know much more about the process, and money spent is more than worth it in the resale value of the gun. He also replaced a screw that wasn't stock, replacing it with one that matches the gun. Good luck! Bob J.

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Where can you find information about a 22 caliber Meriden single shot that looks similar to a Stevens Crackshot?

This company was owned by Sears Roebuck and produced guns from 1905 to 1915.

What is the value of a 22 caliber J Stevens 26 Crackshot patented April 22 1913?

A Stevens Model 26 "Crackshot" in .32 caliber was for sale on until the auction closed December 14, 2006. The only price indicated, $257.50 seemed to be the minimum bid specified by the seller.

Can you seeTaurus 410 caliber pistol pictures?

In their catalog

What is a 32 caliber Rev-O-Noc rifle that looks the same as a Stevens Crackshot?

It is a Stevens Crackshot that was made for HSB&Co, a hardware distributer in Chicago. Evidently, Revonoc is Conover spelled backward. The HSB rifles usually had a better finish that the standard Stevens. I have seen both Crackshot, Marksman and Little Scout 22 &32 rifles with this name. Stevens also made rifles for Sears and Montgomery Wards and put their brand names on them.

What is a J Stevens Arms 32 R P Crackshot 26?

Your J stevens model 26 crackshot,is a boys type single shot rifle with a under lever opening,a 18in.round barrel,hardwood straight grip stock and forearm with open sights.these were made from 1913-1941.They were chambered in either .22cal rimfire,or .32cal rimfire caliber.

What is a value of a J Stevens crack shot 32 short 32 caliber single shot?

The Crackshot in .32 is often worth less than the .22 because of unavailability of ammo. But some collectors want the bigger bore. The Model 26 Crackshot will bring from $75 to about $225, depending on condition. Usual on-line auction price is in the $140-$170 range.

What is the value of ruger 22 caliber?

You are aware that Ruger has made .22 caliber rifles, pistols and revolvers? You have to give information to get information.

What is the caliber of ce399?

Should be marked on the barrel. It is impossible to tell caliber from the information you provided.

Where can you find information about a Winchester Model 71 348 caliber serial 9942?

1936 gun. Would need to know detailed information on its condition, including digital pictures, to even ballpark a value.

Is there pictures of a Remington 550-1 22 caliber rifle?

yes- see the link below marked PICTURES

What is the value of a J Stevens 22 caliber drop block model crack shot 26 patient April 22 1903?

your model 26 crackshot is going for between 75-225 dollars depending on condition.

What is the value of a j Stevens arms tool co crackshot 16 22 cal rifle in good condition?

To determine the exact value of a J Stevens Arms Tool Co Crackshot 16 22 caliber rifle a couple factors would need to be taken into consideration. Since the rifle is in good condition, the next most important factor would be the age of the rifle.

How do get information about Taurus 38 caliber revolver?

Where can you find information about a 270 caliber rifle marked Fab Nat d'Armes de Guerre Herstal Belique 4937?

Where can you find information about a 270 caliber rifle

What is the value of a Stevens Crackshot 26 22 caliber long rifle made on April 22 1913?

That's a patent date, not a manufacture date. The Standard Catalog gives a range of values from $125 in Poor condition to $275 in Excellent condition.

You wish to purchase a Stevens Reproduction Crackshot 22 caliber long rifle?

Check gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops, garage sales, estate sales, on line auctions, place a want ad, check for sale ads,

What is the dollar value of a 33 caliber Winchester rifle?

Impossible to answer without more information. Model 1886 or Model 71? Condition? Alterations? If you can send digital pictures it would help a lot.

Need information on a browning in 348 caliber?

What do you want to know?

Where can you find pictures of 32 caliber victor pistol serial number 10789?

The odds are almost nil.

What does a modified DD 45 caliber Cobray look like?

You will have to google it. No way to post pictures here.

Where is the cabin filter located on a 2008 Dodge Caliber?

Hello, I do not know if is relevant but for 2008-2013 caliber and 2008-2013 caliber SRT4 the cabin air filter is located under the glovebox. If you want to change see on this blog how to do step by step with pictures.

What is the value of a 22 caliber?

Anywhere from $5 to $5,000. There are thousands of diferent .22 caliber firearms. Giv eus some information, and we can give you an answer.

Where are pictures or information for a single shot twenty two caliber pistol with a fourteen and one half inch barrel by Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass?

On If you want pictures go to and click on images, then type in.On If you want pictures go to and click on images, then type in.On If you want pictures go to and click on images, then type in.On If you want pictures go to and click on images, then type in.

Where can you find information about a 38 caliber Smith and Wesson Model N Patented Feb Y?

Invalid information.

Information on a 6mm caliber Roberts barrel stamped Ossian rifle?


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