Where can you get jerking shoes?

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theres many places you can get jerking shoes.My favorite is Valdos,they are located in Los Angeles,CA there the most supported and most comfortable shoes ive ever worn.you can also visit there website at Valdos.com or theres also another website.Feltics.com.But now n days kids are just rockin the vans
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Where can you get shoes?

There are many ways available, you can either choose to buy it alocal outlet or buy them online. Yeah duhdoyu. Where do you thinkthe food market or a furniture place.

Why are boys jerks?

Guys are jerks because they don't have any respect for women. They will always hit on your best friend, even if they swear up & down that they didn't. They will blame her. They like to cheat, lie, and most of all- FLIRT. Guys will never change unless you make them. You need to be a strong, independe ( Full Answer )

What is jerk?

A spasmodic, usually involuntary, muscular movement, as the reflex action of pulling the hand away from a flame.

What is a shoe?

A low tech device used to protect your feet from enduring hard surfaces while walking and or running. Shoe is also the name of a character on DRAGONBALL tm . It's the thing that you wear on your foot to keep it warm and for protection. You can get many types. For instance: boots, combats, high ( Full Answer )

Why are guys jerks?

Well not all guys are jerks. But the ones who are probally either 1. are hurtin on the inside but wont show it 2. insurce bout themselves 3. messed up in the head or 4 small in places. 5 they think they are soo cool that they don't care what girls think. some are just unhappy in a relationship tha ( Full Answer )

What do you do if your boyfriend is a jerk?

If you think he is jerk, why are you still with him? It is time to end the relationship or figure out a way to bring him back to not being a jerk.

How do you be a jerk?

Be mean im giving good advice do pranks do somthin! I got a prank for you pore a gallon of water on your sister or brothers bed before bedtime and watch them scream!

Why are husbands jerks?

Husbands belong to the genus homo idioticus. Somehow when we marry them, we have the ability to turn a perfectly reasonable male into this genus. It never fails that the man we marry invariably becomes either a small child who decided that we are their mother, or they decide that we are their ch ( Full Answer )

What is circle jerk?

A circle jerk is when theres a circle of males and they jerk the person to their right. I agree with the first answer, but its also called a circle jerk when the guys in the circle are all jerking themselves. I've been in both kinds and the guys called both kinds circle jerks.. Usually there is a ( Full Answer )

How do you deal with a jerk?

Just ignore them. Even if its hard it'll be better in the long run. When someone's a jerk they will always be a jerk.

Car is jerking?

There may be something wrong with your tires, go to a car shop and let them look at them

What rhymes with jerks?

lurks, forks, perks, works, murks, corks, pokes, brokes, perks lurks magnesium *last one was a joke* put letters in front of erks and you got it...

Why is your dad such a jerk?

Answer 4: Even jerks can grow up and have kids. Answer 3: Most jerks are jerks just some of the time. It is hard to be a jerk all of the time. Try to catch him in a nonjerk interval. Answer 2: Some jerks are jerks only in response to jerk-provoking behavior. Try not to do that. Answer 1: Je ( Full Answer )

How do you circle jerk?

Three or more males masturbate together Although a circle jerk might refer to any variety of activities involving sexual behavior among males, it usually falls into one of two categories: 1. Males sit or stand in a circle in view of one another. Each male masturbates his own penis. 2. Males ( Full Answer )

How do you know if you are a jerk?

You will know you are a jerk if people call you that a lot...and also if, deep inside, you know you are. Jerks: Are mean Jerks: Don't care about anyone but themselves Jerks: Dump people after they got what they want Jerks: Don't care about others feelings... Jerks: Hit people Jerks: Ste ( Full Answer )

Why is MVP a jerk?

MVP calls himself, "Better than anyone" even though he is winless for the 2008 WWE season he still says that he is the better guy. That's what makes him a cold hard JERK

How can you get into a circle jerk?

Find some friends who also want to try it and ask them. It depends, do you want to do it because you want to see and touch another guy's penis? or because you think it will be fun? Because this is the type of thing many guys will not discuss if they've never done it, you will probably have to in ( Full Answer )

Why are dads jerks?

Dads are often jerks because they were brought up in different times and do not understand what it is like being a youth today. If kids and their dad spoke they might understand each other's point of view.. If your dad is a jerk, try to speak to him. Ask him what it was like when he was you ag ( Full Answer )

He is being a jerk?

If the guy is being a jerk then he is more the likely taking advantage of his strength in the relationship. He feels dominant and feels you will not leave him. If you put the fear of him losing you in his mind then he will probably respect you a little more and hopefully he will value in the relatio ( Full Answer )

Why do you say i am a jerk?

because you are? i never called you a jerk, thank you im sure u arent a jerk! i bet ur a great person and u have alot of friends and people that love you! if you think that you are a jerk or u are informed that you have been acting like one, try to change youre ways! be happy, loving, respons ( Full Answer )

Who is the shoe?

What is this supposed to mean? Are you missing some quotation marks? If not then this makes no sense.

What is a shoe in?

That would be like it's 'in the bag' or a guarantee. or like it's definitely going to happen. I think maybe the complete idiom is 'get a shoe in the door" (get a shoe in). It means to wheedle/pressure your way into something. Like if you get your shoe in the door then somebody can't close the ( Full Answer )

How do you do the dance to your a jerk?

all you have to do is skip backwards ok first off its not just skipping backwards there's a lot of different parts to it...you will honestly have to go to youtube to see it for yourself to get a better understanding and theres alot of people posting tutorials to help those who would like to l ( Full Answer )

How do you get a jerk to like you?

if you want them to like you why did you write jerk? just b yourself there are many other fish in the sea

Can you teach me how to jerk?

Yes. You be mean to people or you can work at a drive-in and give them sodas. But that's weird so I'd go with the first one.

Why are your parents such jerks?

Sophash - Most likely, they are not jerks. If you are a teenager, most everyone thinks so. If you think they are jerks, think about what they do to be jerks. If you can make a list of 10 things that your parents do that are truly bad, then they might be jerks. If your parents would have punished y ( Full Answer )

What are the best shoes for jerking?

the original jerkers jerk in hightop jordanand vans and polo and vlado.any would work but for style and the shoe vlado and van look better with skinnies andstraight leg

How do you become a jerk?

most people become jerks because they feel like they have to put people down and make them feel bad just so they can feel good.

You are a jerk. what does that mean?

A jerk can be defined as "an inconsiderate person" or, "somebody who is regarded as behaving foolishly." It is considered an offensive term. "Jerk" is most commonly used to label a disrespectful, somewhat cruel, or otherwise "mean" individual. "Jerk" can also be applied as, "don't be a jerk," ( Full Answer )

How do you spell jerk?

That is the correct spelling of "jerk" (to pull or yank, or slang for a rude or boorish person).

What are the lyrics to jerk?

Jeeerkk I'm so cocky with it got my iced out clubs like rocky hit Got your girl on my swagg she lovin them jerkin songs Like the new ipod just touch it and turn her on And when the bass start beatin and the waist I'm beatin Done I got on my way I'm leavin she like where your goin I ain't g ( Full Answer )

What are signs he is a jerk?

When he cares about himself more than you, or he nevers has time togo out with you.

What is jerk standing for?

The origin of this expression "jerk" is I believe is rather vulgar. Literally a jerk is somebody who "jerks off", because it is implied that the person is so obnoxious that nobody will ever want to be his partner so he has to do it by himself. There is a similar expression in British English of "wan ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with jerking?

Another word that rhymes with Jerking is Perking *Also sounds like working but that could be my acent ;)

Was Zeus a jerk?

no,he was god of gods EDIT: Being the king of the gods does not stop you from being a jerk. The guy was a serial rapist and brought evil to the world through Pandora's box.

How To Do The Jerk?

Join a local dance class or academy. Choose a course that most closely resembles the type of dance you wish to learn.

Are Marines jerks?

"No, they aren't! If you think they are, you're crazy! 'Cause they're cool and they defend us well!" The above was posted by another user. To answer your question: The idea that an entire group of people can be descriped in one word is nothing more than stereotyping. It's like saying "all college ( Full Answer )

Why do you where shoes?

you wear shoes on your feet because it stops your foot from getting swollen and bleeding it also makes it more comfortable to walk.

What is jerk in tagalog?

It is associated with different definitions depending on use, they are the following: "haltak", "biglang takbo", "bumaltak", "umudlot", "umalug-alog", "sibad", "kalog", "maudlot", "magpaalug-alog", "tigtig", and "tagtag".

What do you do with a shoe?

what you do is put it on your feet so that your feet may beprotected from glass and things on the ground witch can harm yourfeet and that is why u need shoes onto your feet mostly for safetey

Why is Sheamus such a jerk?

sheamus is such a jerk because he or she wants to be on top and show out and he or she is tired of being on the bottom of everything they do.

What do you do if your friend is a jerk?

Maybe try to talk to him/she and if he/she keeps ignoring you tell a friend to ask why he/she is being a jerk is it because you ate the last Whooper? Or you tried asking him/she that you like him? Wherever it is just say your sorry then if he/she KEEPS ignoring you then you know they are not true be ( Full Answer )

Why do you like a jerk?

You mostly like a jerk because you don't mind. You are with that jerk because he or she gives you what you want. Such as sex, money, or just someone who will date or marry you.

What Is The Jerk Movement?

Jerkin' dance and everyone that supports/helps or does the dance itself. Everything involving jerkin' is the jerk movement.

Why are there jerks here?

There are jerks on every site. Most of them find it amusing to be jerks. That will work fine until they grow up and find that no one wants to be around a jerk except other jerks. That is their reward.

What do you do with arrogant jerks?

Act the same like he does to you/others in the same way, if he/she doesn't realise that you are acting like him/her, try to make it more obvious that you are trying to act like him/her.

Why are Scorpios such jerks?

People born under ANY birth sign have the capability of being a jerk! Scorpios are often mistaken for jerks because they can send mixed messages to people because of their extremely private and sensitive natures. Don't attempt to analyze people based on the day/hour they were born. The position ( Full Answer )

Was aesop a jerk?

it is not know because it might be true because it said that heinsulted some guards he did not know