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Legal marijuana If anyone tells you that you can get it legally in Jamaica, do not believe them. Apparently alot of persons are misled and when they go to Jamaica they end up getting into trouble with the law. It is more common in a few areas such as the rastafarian religion and in some of the tourist areas. But it is not legal.

The only places you can legally get marijuana as of September 12th, 2014 is in Colorado, Washington, and the country of Uruguay (in 2015). There are a couple more states that will have it possibly legal by 2015: Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. - other than these, you can not get marijuana without a medical reason (even then, only some states/countries allow medicinal use).

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Is recreational marijuana use legal?

No, the use of marijuana is not legal.

Is marijuana legal in Lithuania?

Industrial marijuana is legal. Marijuana, that can be used for intoxication purposes, is illegal.

How would marijuana become legal?

Marijuana will become legal when we have a legal system has county boys

Where is it legal to smoke marijuana?

It is legal to smoke marijuana in Uruguay. In the United States, it is legal to consume some forms of marijuana in Colorado and in Washington.

Is marijuana legal in Jamaica?

Marijuana isn't legal in Jamaica, but it is widely tolerated.

Is marijuana legal in Canberra Australia?

No. Marijuana is not legal anywhere in Australia. Unfortunatley.

Is marijuana is legal in medical use?

Medical marijuana is legal with a prescription from your doctor.

Is marijuana legal in Australia?

Marijuana is not legal in Australia, and driving under the influence of marijuana carries severe penalties.

Which states legalized marijuana?

where is marijuana legal

Is marijuana legal in Thailand?

No it is not legal

Is medical marijuana legal in Arizona?

For medicinal purpose, Medical marijuana is legal in Arizona

Is marijuana legal in Iowa?

Marijuana is not legal in any state but California so far.

Legal buds is it real marijuana or is it fake marijuana?

it is legal and alot more stronger.

Is there any type of marijuana that is legal?

There is only one type of marijuana that is legal to have. This one type is medicinal marijuana and must be prescribed.

Is Marijuana legal in Panama?

marijuana is legal NO WHERE but its highly tolerable like Jamaica or Amsterdam but you can get a prescription

When will marijuana be legal in Georgia?

Marijuana will soon be legal in georgia and the law should have it passed by 2013.

Are there any legal marijuana?

yes. medical marijuana. google it

Is it legal to smoke marijuana in Canada?

Marijuana is Illegal in Canada.

Where is it legal to use marijuana for medical purpose?

There are many places where it is legal to use marijuana for medical purposes. It is legal to use marijuana for medical purposes in eighteen different states and Washington DC.

Is Marijuna legal in Jamaica?

No. Marijuana is not legal in Jamaica.

Is marijuana legal in Sweden?


Is marijuana legal in Denver?


Is growing marijuana legal?


Is marijuana legal in Massachusetts?


Is marijuana legal in Georgia?