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In the courthouse, church, wherever. Just please be sure, unlike I was, that you are willing to lose all of the rights (which you currently have)that this immigrant does not have. Don't listen to people who say "why would you?" because anyone who marries only truly knows their own heart, and illegal immigrants deserve committed relationships just like everyone else. My question is ... why would you? It's best to go by the book on this because the United States and Canada have strict laws. With terrorism on the high, security very tight, it doesn't matter what nationality you are, one should abide by the strict laws enforced because they are there to not only protect you, but everyone. If you are caught breaking the law in this area, then you could be in for a very bumpy ride with the law. Here's something to think about. It is a noted fact that aliens from other countries are trying to marry people in the Western countries so they can live there. Some really just want to come to a safe place (is there any such country left such as this) and others are using this method for other reasons. Whatever reasons they have, they are using you to get where THEY want, and you will be the loser in most cases. If you know this persons reasoning as to why they want to come into the country and you do it anyway, then you are letting down not only yourself, but a lot of people out there. I'd really think about this one more clearly! If this person is a relative and wants to join their family in your country, tell them to go through the proper channels. If you are come into the country illegally you will live looking over your shoulder, and even though you can get fake I.D. now, eventually the law will catch up to you. Marcy If the person has the proper identification required by the state in which the marriage is taking place then no extraordinary action is needed. Acceptable ID would be a driver's license, state ID, "green card", many states also accept a passport even if it is not still valid. However, marrying a U.S. citizen will not automatically confer permanent resident or citizen status upon an individual. Anywhere. He/she just need identification that is valid. Like a passport from his/her country or a matricula consular.

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Q: Where can you get married to an illegal immigrant?
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How long do you have to stay married to a illegal immigrant?

Marriage is for life. It is illegal to marry an illegal immigrant to change their immigration status.

Can you get married to an illegal immigrant from Mexico in Colorado?

no,you can not

Can an illegal immigrant get documents after marriage with a us citizen?

Yes, an illegal immigrant, in the US can get married to an American citizen and obtain their documents

Does an illegal immigrant married to a citizens US have to go back to his country to get his green card?

does an illegal immigrant married to a citizens us have to go back to his country to get green card

Can you marry a illegal immigrant from Bulgaria?

Yes, an illegal immigrant from Bulgaria can get married in the United States. An American can choose to marry whomever they want.

If your boyfriend and you want to get married and he is not a legal citizen can you still get married?

It is legal in the United States for an illegal immigrant to marry a US citizen. Once the marriage is legal, the illegal immigrant becomes a legal immigrant and can stay in the US for the course of the marriage.

How do you get married to an illegal immigrant?

YOU DON'T (or move to the persons country)

If you get married to an illegal immigrant can they apply for citizenship?

yes but you have to do it for your spouse

Is a marriage considered legal if the person wanting to get married is an illegal immigrant?

yes it makes the immigrant a citizen

Is there a law that says a us citizen married to an illegal immigrant for a year that the immigrant can then apply for green card?

No he cannot

Can an illegal immigrant who overstayed their waiver visa get married to a U.S. citizen?


If you married an illegal Brazilian immigrant is your marriage still legally binding?


If I married a illegal immigrant in the us but she did not use her full name is it legal?

no way

How do you get married and stay with an illegal immigrant from el salvador?

by smoking a lot of weed

What is the punishment for being an immigrant and filing for a residency when married to a citizen?

It's not illegal.

When the illegal immigrant will be deported?

The illegal immigrant will be deported when caught.

Can an illegal immigrant get legal if he has a kid born in the United States?

No, that just means that the child will be a US immigrant. The illegal immigrant will still be illegal.

Are you legally married to your husband if he is an illegal immigrant?

i married in 2005 to an illegal with no valid id only a legal birth certificate from his country! am i legally maried to him here in the US?

Your husband is living with an illegal immigrant but she married somebody else to get permanent status what should you do?

If the immigrant married a US citizen, then that's a done deal and she is no longer illegal. It sounds like you need to take care of your own affairs, starting with divorce proceedings.

Can US citizen divorce an illegal immigrant who doesnt have green card.?

If you are married, you can apply for divorce.

Can a illegal immigrant be legal after having US citizen kids?

no not unless they where married to a USA partner.

How long do the illegal immigrant has to stay married?

Same as everyone else; "Till death do you part".

Can an illegal immigrant get papers faster if he is married to a us citizen?

Yes if they can prove the marriage is legit

How can an illegal immigrant that is married to a US citizen and has children be deported?

no green card or faulty marriage

Can an illegal immigrant file for unemployment?

No, an illegal immigrant cannot file. You must be a "legal" immigrant for any U.S. benefits.