Where can you get music downloads to burn to CD's?

1.Go onto www.mp3000.net, and type in the song that you would like. 2. Then download that file by click the song bringing you to a different page, then right click on 'Download' and save to you computer or laptop. 3. Then, using 'Windows Media Player' (which can be downloaded if you do a search on it) and continue on the 'Copy to CD'. 4. Then open up the file on a different window and click on the song that you won't to put onto the cd. If it is a CD-/+RW then you can put songs on, and off again, but if you bought CD-/+R then it can only be writen once. Meaning if you put all the music that you want in one file, then it is very able. 5. From the file where your file(s) are in near the top left hand corner, the is a pharse that states 'Copy to Audio CD'. Then click that and it will take you to 'Windows Media Player' 'Copy to CD' window. 6. You can play this CD anywhere you like from now on. Enjoy!