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Go to Autozone's website. The information is kind of hidden, but they have instructions on how to repair several different makes, along with illustrations, etc. It would probably be worth your time.

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โˆ™ 2004-11-13 06:49:50
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Q: Where can you get online instructions for Saturn SL2 front and rear brake repair?
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Is there a place online I can go so I can learn how to do a brake master cylinder repair?

A good website to visit to learn how to repair a brake master cylinder is This website will give you a list of materials and step by step instructions on how to perform this repair.

What's the cost to repair the brake line?

It's a fairly simple DIY repair job, so the cost is relatively small. You can purchase a complete brake line repair kit for around $100 and there are a lot of online sites which will give you step-by-step instructions on performing the repair.

Where can you find a diagram of the brake assembly on a 1997 Ford Thunderbird?

Order the book for that model online or at your local parts store it will have the pictures and instructions on repair

Is there a diagram of the rear brake shoes of a 1999 Saturn SC1?

Yes, there is a diagram of the rear brake shoes of the 1999 Saturn SC1. It is found in the cars maintenance or repair manual.

Where can one find Brake Repairs online?

You can find Brake Repairs online from websites such as Bellatire. Alternatively, you can also find this type of repair from GoodYear. You can also get coupons for money off brake repair at the GoodYear website.

Where can I get instructions on how to repair the brake line on my car?

Chilton has a manual on home auto repair. The following website contains information that should assist you with brake line repair: - Similar

Where can I find information about brake repair?

You can find online help for brake repairs at Repair Questions Answered FREE by Professional Mechanics!

How much should a brake repair cost for a 2004 Saturn SL1?

Depends on the problem being fixed

Where can I find an online brake repair manual?

This can vary widely. For most cars there is not an online repair manual immediately available. I would say that it would be rare to find a repair manual, especially a free one, online.

Where can one find locations of brake repair shops?

You can find location of brake repair shops online at the website YellowPages. This website can be consulted to find business addresses fast and easily.

Where do you find a rear brake diagram for 2001 Mercury Villager?

In a repair manual or online.

Where online can I find information on brake calipers repair?

If you go to you can find brake caliper repair kits for a great price. If you need more information about repairing brake calipers, Auto Zone is a great resource as well.

Where can you find step by step instructions on replacing the front brake pads on a 2002 Intrepid?

Try click on repair info follow instructions to find you car's info.

Where can I find a brake caliper repair place?

Any reputable auto repair shop should be able to repair your brake calipers. If you are handy, you may also want to look into a caliper repair kit (readily available online and at stores like Sears) and do the work yourself.

How do I repair my brake drum?

You can repair the drum brakes on your car by getting the needed parts from an auto store then either taking the car to a mechanic or finding a step by step instructions on the web

Rear brake replacement?

Purchase a repair manual at most parts stores, ( around $12 ) for detailed instructions on this and many other repairs. Special tool to compress caliber is required for this repair.

What companies offer nationwide coupons on brake repair?

If you are wondering what companies offer nationwide coupons on brake repair because you are on a budget, then the best place to get brake repair would be Tom's Auto Repair.

Can you give me tips on how to change a brake pad easily?

You can repair the brake parts on your car by getting the needed parts from an auto store then either taking the car to a mechanic or finding a step by step instructions.

Where is the best place to go for brake repair on a car?

One of your best resources can be friends, or family memebers who have had the same repair made to their vehicles. There are auto brake repair specialist shops in most areas. Check for local listings in the phone book, or online, and always look for repair shops that guarantee their services.

Where can find instructions on changing brake pads?

There are many places where one can find instructions on changing brake pads. A good place is the website "edmunds" to find instructions on changing brake pads.

Where can I get cheap brake repair?

Cheap brake repair can be found nationwide at a local pepboys store.

How do you change brakes on 99 dodge avenger?

If you mean just the brake pads it is as easy as pulling the tire, unmounting the brake caliper and pulling the pads out and putting new ones in (after depressing the hydrolic ram back to a start.) There is no reason you couldn't do this yourself, but you should get a repair manual or find good detailed instructions online.

How do you repair front brake pads?

You do not repair them you replace them.

What is meant by brake repair shop?

A brake repair shop is where you take your car to get your brakes serviced when they are bad. Some of the brake repair shops are Goodyear, Midas, Car X, Firestone, etc.

What amount of money is the cost of brake line repair?

The cost of brake line repair is anywhere from 50.00 dollars and up. To repair the brake line it depends on who is fixing the car and what type of car you have.