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Where can you get parts for a old Stevens double barrel shotgun?

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Tom, a good place to start would be e-gunparts on the web.

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it is a Stevens, parts are interchangeable...

Try Gun Parts Corp. They have parts for nearly every gun ever made.

Try Numrich Arms ( Look for parts for a Stevens 311 shotgun. They should be the same.

Maybe. Why would you want to? It may cost more than a new gunas you may have to fabricate some parts. It's best to use firearms as designed rather than reengineer them. you can easily compromise safety.

Try Numrich gun parts corp.or gun under shotgun parts.

Many gunsmiths will have one or two in the back room, or you can order from Numrich Gun Parts at the related link.

I would start my search at Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.I would also check at E-bay,or under gun parts.

We have SOME original parts for that model, we make others.

$25 if it's worn-out or broken and useful only for the remaining parts. $100 if it is in nearly-new condition.

See a gunsmith- Out of production for nearly 100 years.

I would check at Numrich Gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

We've got quite a few parts for that model.

Try want ads, gun shows, gun shops,

I always start any of my searches for gun parts at Numrich Gun Parts Corp.

Buy parts for 410 Stevens model 67 pump shot gun.

Not readily. You'll find that parts will need to repaired or made by a gunsmith.

Sears vendor code 101 7 Savage Stevens same Stevens 311 try Numrich arms gun parts West Hurley New York.

I'm needing the under side wood for a double barrel Belgium Acme shotgun

Go to Numrich Gun Parts in google, they have online schematics for most guns.

To get a parts breakdown you would need to take the shotgun into a gun store. The store will be able to provide an estimate, or order new parts.

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