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  • It pays to look around and educate yourself on the variables possible in a pet insurance policy. Some policies are different from others, make sure you are satisfied with what you are paying for. You should think about what you are looking to cover, if you're trying to cover multiple pets, or older pets. If you are looking for routine care coverage or emergency care coverage, etc. All this plays a factor and different providers specialize in different care. You can usually get pet health insurance at your local veterinarian clinic or animal hospital.
  • Always ask your veterinarian first about pet health and make sure the pet insurance company is licensed in your state.
  • Check with your vet to find out who provides the best pet insurance.
  • Check with a local pet shop.
  • You can also check with your vet but also do your homework, because you don't want any surprises when you file a claim. Be certain to be truthful on all application documents.
  • The safest way to check into buying insurance to cover a pet is to talk to the vet that you use. There are many different insurance plans offered out there, but what would matter is which insurance they will accept. Also consider if you do any traveling what would be most widely accepted.
  • Congratulations on your "baby." You sound like an extremely good pet owner so I suggest you talk to you vet and they will give you several different pet insurance programs you can join up with. Please read their policies carefully and be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. I would not use the internet to get your pet insurance. The vet is a phone call away.

Some major American Pet Insurance companies:

Veterinary Pet Insurance (800) USA-PETS

Pets Health Care Plan by The Hartford Group (800) 807-6724

PetCare and ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs

Pet First Health Care

Embrace Pet Insurance

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Pets Best Pet Insurance

Trupanion Pet Health Insurance

Most insurance policies are "indemnity products", meaning that the company pays all or most of the costs incurred.

However, there also exist "discount plans". These differ from indemnity plans in that they offer a discount from what would be the regular fee charged by the veterinarian. These plans are much less costly than true insurance, but they also provide a different kind of benefit. Understand that you are financially responsible for the payment of the fees, although they are discounted. You also must enroll in the plan and the sponsor of it charges an enrollment fee.

You must also be aware that veterinarians often stop their involvement in the plans, and therefore no longer offer the discounts that you were counting on. Therefore, it is important, before you join or use the plan that you ensure that the vet still participates.

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Q: Where can you get pet insurance quotes?
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